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    Originally posted by Frederick_Chu View Post

    I asked Sifu and he recommended I think out some possible applications to the "half-Horse stance" Single Whip. The only one I could think of yesterday was perhaps escaping a situation where two people were grabbing you, one on each arm on either side. I saw a video on Sigung's website demonstrating using Black Crow Flaps Wings to escape and I wondered if sinking down into the Horse riding stance (or half-Horse stance), coiling the arms away, and using the "hooking" hand to "dot" or press down on one opponent while using the palm to strike the other assailant's head would be worthwhile. It seems to work in my head, but I'd need to test it with a few partners to be sure.
    Before I get into the second story, I was wondering if you had re-looked this application, Fred?

    Several respected authors with both street and classical martial arts experience take the view that the postures or patterns in forms (kata in the case of Japanese arts) are meant for one opponent at a time. I believe this is true of the Taijiquan forms that I know (the exceptions are the patterns in the weapons forms).

    During the Advanced Shaolin-Taijiquan course in Penang back in 2009, Sifu also taught us that it is not ideal to use one pattern against two opponents, at least not in a static manner. To do so is to underestimate the force and ferocity of multiple assailants, who can easily break through your blocks and overcome your defence. I don't want to give away our Shaolin secrets on an open forum, but from what I have read, this view is not unique to Shaolin Wahnam. I think any person who has survived and prevailed in real combat against multiple attackers would quickly realise which methods are unrealistic. As for me, I just inherit the wisdom of the masters before me.
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      You´re both right

      I was present at the filming of that video and it was one person escaping from two people, each one gripping an arm. Naturally, this is not a situation that we would ever want to be in but it was very nice to see.


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        Fred, you're holding up the thread again
        Chris Didyk
        Shaolin Wahnam USA

        Thank You.


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          Hi all!

          Sorry about the delay, I just today took my final exams for my pre-M1 semester. Never thought just four classes could be so intensive!

          I will be honest, I haven't looked more deeply into Single Whip applications against multiple opponents. The most I can offer right now is my experience in aiki jujutsu (where we rarely sparred one-on-one; every time we sparred, it was two-, three-, or four-versus one). Most techniques and strategies in the art I practiced (Kaze Arashi ryu aiki jujutsu, and the associated kenjutsu and jojutsu, that is, Japanese sword and staff) would use a strike to soften or stun one person, followed by locks and controls to use that person as a shield to absorb attacks or to throw the unfortunate fellow into his fellows to scatter them. Sensei explicitly told us not to engage two people at the exact same time, but rather to "use one to defeat another."

          Thinking about my earlier proposed application more in my head (I don't have anyone here willing to submit to a kung fu experiment, sadly), sitting in the center to attack one person with one hand and someone else on the opposite side with the other hand doesn't sound very safe. Considering my aiki jujutsu and Baguazhang experiences, I might try to circle behind one fellow and push/fell them into the other, now that I think about it.
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            As I will be travelling overseas without access to any PCs or the internet, I am relating the second story now. It is actually boring and prosaic so apologies to those waiting for it.

            I had been practising Single Whip in the 108-form for years at the time I went for the 72 qinna techniques course, so it was pretty much a muscle memory movement then. Sifu asked us to create a technique when being grabbed at the wrist. Without thinking about it, I executed the Single Whip hook and my partner was brought to his knees. He was astounded and asked "what is this complicated move?"

            Today, no one in Shaolin Wahnam will be surprised at this wrist counter, since Sifu would have taught variations of this counter at intensive and regional courses. But back then, when Sifu had not started expanding the breadth of Shaolin Wahnam kungfu sets, this was not a well-known counter.
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