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New 108 Yang style vids out!

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  • New 108 Yang style vids out!
    Very cool, thank you Sigung sincerely!
    My switch from learning Aikido to learning the Yang family 108 form is what led me to Sigung's website, so this set has a special place in my heart. I know it's special to others out there on the forum.


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    Thank you, Chia Hua, for providing the link.

    Thank you, Sifu.

    开心 好运气
    kai xin... .......hao yunqi... - Sifu's speech, April 2005
    open heart... good chi flow... good luck ...
    Have we not opened up thy heart ...? (The Reading, 94:1)
    Be joyful, ..and share your joy with others -(Anand Krishna)


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      Many thanks to Sigung to introducing another treasure to Wahnam Taijiquan!

      And many thanks to Sigung for including part of this set on the Intensive currently being enjoyed in Penang!



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        It was the first kungfu set I learnt seriously and one of my favourites, but watching sifu performing his version is mesmerizing and magical.
        Daniel Pérez


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          Before training with Shaolin Wahnam, I had never done taijiquan before. To be more precise, in 1991, I was dragged by some aikido buddies to a nearby town from where we were staying in Japan to do a tai chi class. This "tai chi dance" experience scarred me for life, so I avoided anything to do with it for another 15 years, until Jeffrey Siheng coaxed me into joining a Wahnam Taijiquan course that he had set up.

          This is a very roundabout way of saying that the 108 Yang Style Set has had very little significance for me in the past, until a fortnight ago when Sifu took us through the first two sections of it during the intensive taijiquan course. It is beautiful, graceful, elegant, yet powerful, and it certainly isn't a dance routine. I look forward to getting more familiar with it over time, and like a good wine I'm sure it will improve with age.