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How the process of clearing can help us to see the bigger picture !

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  • How the process of clearing can help us to see the bigger picture !

    After a weekend of Taijiquan in beautiful Kerry, with our Sifu, Sifu Joan and the Shaolin Wahnam Ireland family, I am experiencing a round of physical clearing again, recently my clearing has been at the emotional level,

    I had a realisation that the process of clearing itself, helps us to see the bigger picture, in the immediate for our training and also in our daily lives,
    If we choose to focus on the immediate, the aches and pains or flu like symptoms that sometimes accompany clearing , we may become disheartened or frustrated, if instead we consider the bigger picture, put this in context and see this momentary un comfortableness as a natural step, a positive, this changes !

    The same applies moment to moment in our daily lives, we become frustrated or disheartened at what appear to be unfavourable situations or lack of progress, again if are able to consider the bigger picture, we can accept the current situation and free ourselves !

    My thanks to Sifu for giving me the opportunity to see this and to Sigung, as the source of these invaluable arts we practice,

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for sharing this Mark,

    I often find that when I get to a point where my training is "hitting a brick wall" so to speak, a breakthrough is just around the corner

    Happy training,
    Peter Clayton
    Shaolin Wahnam Ireland
    "Though one man may conquer in battle a thousand men a thousand times over, it is he who conquers himself that is the greatest of conquerors". - Dhammapada.