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    1. How long should one practice Zhan Zhuang in Tai Chi Chuan before one can feel internal force?

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    1 day if you practice with Sifu Wong. (For me anyway)

    1 day - 100 years if you practice alone depending on your skill/ how you practice.


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      Originally posted by Ricky View Post
      1. How long should one practice Zhan Zhuang in Tai Chi Chuan before one can feel internal force?
      I would say the more you look for it, the more it takes That's just how it works! The key is to enjoy and relax. Without the key, the door will never be opened!


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        I've never met anyone who felt internal force on day one doing Zhan Zhuan on their own or out of books.

        I've met lots of people who've been practicing Zhan Zhuang for decades, and yet still have no internal force.

        The solution is obvious: go learn from Sifu Wong or from one of his instructors, and save yourself a decade or two.
        Sifu Anthony Korahais
        (Click here to learn more about me.)


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          Originally posted by Ricky View Post
          1. How long should one practice Zhan Zhuang in Tai Chi Chuan before one can feel internal force?
          My question as part of your learning process wwould be:
          a. 'Internal force' for what purpose, martial or health?

          Asking your teacher would be the 1st step in a learning process keeping in mind that differernt physiologies react (or do not) based on motivation, fitness level and lifestyle. There are more variables involved but I picked the above 3 as being part of an objective process of, and for self learning.
          If you have an above average teacher, waht you will feel is warmth, or a mild musculoskeletal aggravation, that would indicate some sort of change in 'perception'.

          For martial purpose(s), no need to feel internal warmth but it is a secondary or terciary benefit of doing neigong jibengong and shenfa. If for health, then that 'warmth' (obvious increase in whole body temperature, or at specific locations on the body, or a twitching/spasm at certain junction(s). The latter can be experienced within one (1) day training as a start. Remember that this should be a life long endeavour as opposed to a 'flavour of the month' activity!

          Be aware of it but do not pay any attention to it. If it involves some inability to carry out normal tasks, then it should be stopped immediately. That is what is meant by different physiologies reacting to some element of post standing.
          Be safe and follow what your teacher says!


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            Zhan Zhuang

            Dear Anthony

            I actually plan to learn Tai Chi Chuan from Sifu Wong perhaps 1 or 2 years from now, depending on my current progress. I only took up Tai Chi Chuan a few months ago and feel that it would be premature to attend his Tai Chi Chuan course now as I have not acquired the basics of this art yet, although I have learned martial arts before.

            In the meantime, I thought that it would be good to work on basic stances for a year or two. So, that is why I asked the question about Zhan Zhuang.


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              Zuan Zung

              Hey, I have been practicing for a little while, on and off...
              But sometime I notice a tightness of breath from my tantien, not sure what to think of it

              Ive heard of some people beating their naval area, lightly or hard depending on your feeling, Before practicing chi gong just to loosen up and help activate the tanTien, I guess this could help with the tightness of breath, Its usually in the morning if my energy isnt flowing smoothly and then I do practice...
              Any thoughts?


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                Short answer is check your form and relax....This though is assuming your going to be able to tell if your form is correct,and that you have developed the capacity to relax.

                I'm not trying to be obvious or difficult, it's quite important.....
                Do you have a teacher? If not it's even harder....

                Are you straining without realizing it, is your chest open? Throat locked?

                It could be many things,these are just a few....

                I'd advise finding the problem before i'd go bangin' on your dan tien.....

                If your up Delaware way look me up if you wish.....

                Good Luck in your training...Gusty


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                  Hey, Yeah its mostly the posture I assume, good things happen but other than that when im 'off' it doesnt feel right, are there shaolin wahnam teachers in SE Asia? Im traveling there this winter, vietnam, cambodia, Thai, Malaysia. If theres a teacher there I may be able to go through and practice for a while. How close are you to Silver Springs Maryland?



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                    Time perception

                    When and if practising Zhang Zhuang,
                    time disappears, as all its subjective measures.


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                      Results/Benefits of Zhan Zhuang

                      If a person has attended the Intensive Tai Chi Chuan course, what kind of internal force can one expect to have if he or she does zhan zhuang for 30 minutes daily for one year? For those of you who have already attended, please share your experience.