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    Hi dear Family

    I wanted to start this threat to discuss the training of the spirit.
    To bring our Kungfu to a higher level we have to practise this aspect a lot.

    But... how do we practise the spirit?

    I have some ideas and wanted to share them with all of you. Hopfuly some of you will post their own experiences.

    My experiences for the Dragon spirit are:

    While sparing with Sifu or my Sisooks the spirit was coming itself without really doing something. I think this was because my opponents (Sifu, Sisooks) are much higher level than me and I had to be very careful while sparing. Because I had to be so careful there was no room for thinking, this is when my whole body expanded and I could really feel the Dragon. Everytime this happend, it was a powerful experience. It is not easy to discribe but it felt like it had to be this way. Everything I did was more alive and spontanious. I found myself wondering because every pattern came totaly natural.

    In my opinion: If we leave the spirit every pattern is "dead". The spirit is what makes our Kungfu alive.

    I asked Sifu how to keep the spirit. His advice was to remember the feeling I had and to catch the spirit more and more. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

    Things that help me catch the dragon spirit:

    -Sparing with people who are higher level than myself.
    Helps to get in the state of mind discribed above. (exspecially Sifu has a talent to trick my spirit out)

    It was extremely helpful to watch Sikuje Emiko during a training session we had. Videos of Sigung being a dragon helped also very much.

    Just moving around with patterns. No thinking, chi flow, smile from the heart.
    Using a lot of dodges. Never interupt the chi flow, go with the flow. Don't think about wich pattern you want to use next just let it come out. The whole body is one. Imagine to be water or to drift in a cloud. Sometimes I do the patterns tai chi style; slowly with my focus on the flow.

    Please share your experiences to help us all in our traing.

    All the best
    Benedikt Vennen
    Shaolin Wahnam Germany


    May I be firm and resolute. may I be kind, compassionate, and friendly. May I be humble, calm, quiet, unruffled and serene. May I serve to be perfect. May I be perfect to serve.