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    Hi Brendan,

    Originally posted by brendan View Post
    Dear Chris Si Jat, is this the correct term to use?

    If I learnt from Sifu as in Sifu Wong and you learnt from Anthony?
    my apologies if this is incorrect.
    I'm a weird case. What you describe would be correct if Sifu Anthony had left the school without renouncing Sifu. But since he did, I now refer to both him and Sifu Wong as "Sifu". I call Sifu Anthony "Sifu" because he was and is my Sifu. That time is not erased, nor should it be. I am incredibly grateful to him and will always be. I call Sifu Wong "Sifu" because that's how he told me I should address him! The reasoning is that is correct given how our Shaolin Wahnam family tree is now.

    Also, while it normally distances yourself from your Sifu to refer to him/her as anything other than "Sifu", I reference "Sifu Anthony" or "Sifu Wong" as a practical matter when it may be unclear which of my Sifus I am talking about. My intention is never to create distance.

    All of this is to say that you would address me as your brother. If you started training before April 2, 2005, I am your Sidai, and if you started training after, I am your Siheng.

    Originally posted by brendan View Post
    As for your question regarding me healing from my injury. My healing
    was very quick thanks to self manifested chi movement it healed soft tissue
    damage to my hand and I also put my back out and it was superb in in fixing this.

    My practise is irregular due to many reasons but one of them been here in Ireland we recently eased travelling restrictions.
    So I've been visiting family and spending time with them. Another is starting a new job and the different work hours it brings.

    So, my practise has been Chi Kung for the most part with some sequences now and then from the 12 T.C.C. syllabus or some
    from Xingyiquan. Over the coming weeks my practise should be back on track.
    I'm glad to hear that you healed so quickly and are enjoying visiting family and friends! And congratulations on your new job! It sounds like you are using the Shaolin Arts to enrich your daily life

    I have also been taking my time getting back to a "full" practice. I find it easy to take chi flow and chi kung for granted sometimes. Not intentionally, but because there is so much interesting kung fu to potentially practice! Over the past month, I've been mostly focused on Chi Kung-only sessions. It has felt nice to re-focus on it and leave aside most everything else. I'm starting to ramp my practice back up, too -something I'll write about soon in the 2021 Q2 progress thread.

    Chris Didyk
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    Thank You.


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      Originally posted by Grimlock View Post
      I remember coming home from the course and having grand plans of training sessions that started with doing the Dragon Strength Set once for force-training followed by focused practice on selected patterns/sequences from it. I was typically done by the time I got through the set once, though! Ultimately, I mostly left it aside to focus on "lower" level practices I could do more repetition with, although I do still sometimes practice the Dragon Strength version of Grasping Sparrow's Tail. You guys all talking about practicing Dragon Strength has me thinking about bringing it back now!
      Dear Sisookgung,

      this is something I can relate to very well! Practising the whole set every day is definitely too much for me at this point in time.

      At the moment, I especially enjoy „Double Dragons Emerge from the Sea“.

      It is so marvelous and powerful!

      With deep gratitude and lots of love,
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      May all beings be happy

      Thank you.


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        Dear Chris Siheng,

        Thank you for your reply and making things clearer.

        I am glad to hear you're also enjoying doing more chi kung and I also agree
        about taking it for granted not intentionally of course.

        This became so clear to me when I put my back out due to the accident.
        I was so surprised even though at this stage I shouldn't be at how
        quick doing self manifested chi movement improved my mobility and the pain reduction
        was massive. It's one of my favourite Chi kung exercises to do now.

        My gratitude to Sifu for giving us another gem to enrich our lives.

        Looking forward to reading more about your training/progress Siheng
        as well as everyone else's.

        Happy training,
        Shaolin Salute,