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  • Sept 2020 Personal Progress

    Dear family,

    In the past, some folks have kept threads of training journals here on the forum, and we also have the occasional "what is everybody practicing?" thread. I love both, but they also inspired another idea I'd like to try out...what if we had a monthly thread where we could all share what we're practicing and how we're progressing? As usual, participation will prove whether or not this is an interesting/useful idea!

    So, when we reach October in a month, what progress do you want to have made between now and then? Is any of that progress part of a larger objective? What/how will you practice to get there?

    Please answer however you like, including disregarding those questions and/or answering other relevant questions. Feel free to get creative, such as posting a video of some of your kungfu now to compare with another video in a month. This is about how you measure/think about your progress! Which of course can help all of us improve

    I'll prepare and post my own response in the coming days.
    Chris Didyk
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    Thank You.

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    I'll take the views and lack of responses to mean that everyone is working out their main objectives for the month!

    My main objective is to improve in my kung fu, chi kung, and zen a little bit every day. I'll do this by practicing as frequently as I can:

    15 min. of Chi Kung
    15 min. of Force-Training
    15 min. of Combat Applications

    For chi kung, I'll practice whatever exercise(s) I feel like at the time.
    For force-training, I'll emphasize One Finger Shooting Zen.
    For combat applications, I'll emphasize both Taijiquan and Shaolin combat sequences (I recently learned the basic Taijiquan ones), kicks, and improving my conditioning/sparring endurance. I will mostly practice my combat applications as three 5-minute rounds, picking ahead of time what I'll focus on in each round.

    I'm leaving out any further detail because I find it a bit overwhelming when I start listing out all of the things I'd like to improve (let alone what I also want to maintain)! Instead, I'm going to mostly let what I choose to practice each day show me my true combat application objectives over time. For instance, right now, I am enjoying practicing Flower Set Seq #4 (along with a defense-only responder side) and Taijiquan Seq #8 (Low Stance Single Whip) to work on linking kicks and general agility/conditioning. That may hold for the month or I may find myself emphasizing different kicks/sequences after a couple of weeks.

    Happy practicing!

    Chris Didyk
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    Thank You.


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      I am completely in-line with the genera; "whatever feels great" for chi kung, and still doing my best to ensure Small Universe fire doesn't go out, even if at times I let it wane, to my chagrin!

      Kung Fu wise, it;s been plenty of sets and every few days a nice big stance session, plenty of Tai Chi Chuan sequence work, and then short combinations for repetition and skill focus.

      Lastly, took a good 4 month stretch to focus on some meditation daily as well, and my mind is become a better and better mule I can force to spit up information with effort but by golly with success!

      Hope all is very, very well!!



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        Phalanges? I get the feeling I missed something

        Training has been kind of a bounce-around over the last few years. It's funny, the first few years in the school, I just did material from the four combat sequence sets, then Baguazhang, and then Cosmos Palm for a couple of years after the 2016 course. Then I got more material across 2017-2018 than did the entire previous seven years! It was like the frog at the bottom of a deep well who suddenly realizes there's a whole world beyond just the deep hole in which it lives, haha.

        For a time, I was emphasizing the Northern Shaolin Dragon Form, and I even got amazing advice from multiple sihengs regarding its training, but I ran into the interesting issue of over-training at the shen level, no matter how far back I was pulling back the level of my training. Weird!

        After a whole lot of experimentation and seeing what feels good, presently I've settled on the following for my current daily training:
        1. A few exercises from Sinew Metamorphosis. Currently a big fan of Stretching Up, Stretching Arms, and Stretching Palms.
        2. Cosmos Palm force training.
        3. Flexibility, in particular that of my shoulder and hip girdle
        4. Single step applications drawn primarily from Cosmos Palm and Baguazhang
        One of these days (months, years, whatever), I want to go back to the material I learnt from Glory of Shaolin and Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Practitioner. I particularly enjoyed the use of the Plum Flower Saber, the Wudang Sword, and multiple opponents. Maybe next time I won't get clothes-lined by Sifu.

        Happy training, all.

        - Fred.
        I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.


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          Mostly I've been doing Dragon Strength, in addition to some basic Chi Kung. Happy.
          Charles David Chalmers
          Brunei Darussalam