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  • Toronto Shaolin Kung Fu Course

    Hey Guys, and Gals !

    I am trying, trying so hard to get there ! I am looking for a flight deal at the moment, but it all seems sooooo expensive !

    3 months ago when i was a highly paid Senior Network Engineer i could have flown in business class and got a cab from NYC to Toronto ! But things have changed, and now i am looking for a nice cheap flight, hell i'll even share a seat if i need to, fly in the hold etc. !

    Its 4pm here, i am supposed to get a train to Bath tomorrow morning to meet with Sifu and Chris ( they don't know yet i have to call them ! ) and then Monday after the course i should be going to the airport and flying to either NYC or Toronto or anywhere near Toronto, where i can get a bus, train or hitch-hike to the course !

    I must stop my chatting and find a flight....

    From Dan with Chi

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    Come, Dan. Come! We'd love to see you. More power to you!

    P.S. Youth hostels are very reasonable in Toronto.


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      Not looking good everyone....

      Cheapest flight is about 400 pounds plus tax, which is pushing it a bit far, as i have to go to Bath this weekend, pay for all that and accom, and then the cost of travel to london and back for the flights, its all looking less and less like i will make it....

      I really wanted to go, but, hey i guess its out of my budget at the moment. Well its not out of my budget, just at the limit, and i really should not spend all my money. I have to keep some to live on.....


      But i believe there is another course in Canada late November ? Does anyone else know about this ?

      From Dan with Chi