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    Hi there!!!!

    Wong Kiew's books inspired me to start training taijiquan and shaolin kung fu years ago.

    Now I created my own website together with my instructor.

    Please check out

    There will be a lot of updates soon, including an interactive 18 Hands of Lohan instructional program...

    If you know how to improve our site... please let me know!!!


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    I am pleased Sifu inspired you in your martial arts career.

    However, there are a couple of things you should remember. As you will know from having read Sifu's books and his website, learning from books, videos, web sites etc. can at best serve to learn external form. If the source is good enough, then some of the internal aspects may possibly be partially picked up in this fashion but by no means can this replace a good instructor let alone a master. Combat skills can certainly not be learnt this way. Those who have attempted to learn from books etc. and have then been fortunate to learn from a true Master will understand this - others may disagree.

    I am a Kung Fu student of Sifu's and I have looked at your web site to date. It was very brave of you to put such a web site online but with all due respect, I would not advise anyone to attempt to learn from it. From what I have seen, the techniques do not resemble Shaolin Kung Fu - certainly not Shaolin Kung Fu as I am learning and practicing from Sifu Wong.

    Chi Kung is a very internal art. The thought of an "interactive 18 Hands of Lohan instructional program" quite honestly horrifies me. Such an Art cannot be learned this way.

    Anyone seeking to learn genuine Shaolin Kung Fu, Chi Kung or Taijiquan should seek a master or a good instructor. They cannot be replaced.

    My best suggestion, which you can accept or reject as you please, would be to concentrate on your training.

    I have tried to write this post in a positive way although some may interpret it otherwise. If it is seen in any other light than it is intended, please accept my apologies.


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      No offense taken here...

      The site was in the beginning made for our own overseas students who happen to *forget* parts of their forms etc.
      So the people who "need" this site also have had first hand training from my sifu.

      There's also a little misunderstanding on the Lohan thing.
      What we teach in the program is not the internal part, but the external part of Arahat Boxing.
      Which is quite an effective way and has enough in it for beginners as well for advanced students.
      Please check out our free download demo, so you can see for yourself. (

      On the other hand do I think that anyone who ever really "learned" something from a book or a videotape, can also use our site to get some information.

      And yes... finding a good instructor is the best thing to do!

      It makes me very happy that sifu's students have the same humble attitude and sincerity...
      I only wish it was more common in the martial arts world of today....