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Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course - April 18th-24th...

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  • Intensive Shaolin Kung Fu Course - April 18th-24th...

    Hi Everyone,

    Is anyone here going?



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    Hey Jordan,

    I won't be attending that course, but I will be arriving in Malaysia in the beginning of May for an advanced course. I haven't bought my ticket yet, but I should be arriving the first week of May sometime. I imagine the other advanced students will do the same.

    If you've got the time and the money, you might consider staying for the interim between the two courses. Personally, I think it would be fun to meet the students from the introductory course and do some sparring.


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      I'll hold your coat Jordan, see what flaws I can spot for my turn with Anthony !

      I should be arriving around the 5th or 6th of May, I dont have a definite date yet as I am popping over to see Sifu in Ireland first, and to finally make good my promise to Joan to return the favour of her visiting me for my courses.


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        Hi Guys,

        *if* I can raise the money in time, I will be there. But I won't be able to hang around after because of money. Shame really because I would love to spar with you Anthony! Another time eh?

        So is anyone going?! I would love to know if anyone from here in England is going... I am too scared to travel alone...



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          <em>"Shame really because I would love to spar with you Anthony! Another time eh?"</em>

          Get in line, kid. For some reason, everyone wants a piece of me! Why do I feel like the bad guy in and old Kungfu movie? Did someone put a bounty on my head? :evil:

          But seriously, I'm sure I'll see you in England sooner or later. It will be a pleasure sparring with you.


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            For something a bit closer to home for you ....

            ... draw, mister ...


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              You sure you want to play "cowboy" with an unruly American?

              <em>Wyatt Earp steps towards the stranger with the green hat, eyes cold and hard as steel. His voice is calm and steady.

              "Go it," he says. "Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens."

              Wyatt takes another step closer. And another step.

              "I said throw down, boy!" </em>


              (Jordan, can you tell that I love all kinds of friendly sparring, including verbal jousting? )