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    Essence of Shaolin Picture series

    Learning this beatiful set with Sigung was recently announced as a one time opportunity for late 2017. How lucky are those who are able to attend?

    Terms "all-around" and "connectedness" come to my mind as impressions. Anyone able to perform this set's 108 patterns skillfully in an arbitary order would not be far from complete combat mastery!

    With sincere respect,

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    Preparation for the course

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    the Essence of Shaolin course will be held at the end of 2017 (November/December).
    For those who are invited to attend the course, Sigung was so kind to give out some recommendation
    on how to be prepared very well for the course.

    To get a better picture about what the course is about, lets read one of Sigungs answers:

    There will be one combat sequence for each of the patterns in the set, thus making 108 combat sequences in all.
    That means that:

    Hence, there will not be enough time to learn the set at the course. I may, however, go over the important points of the patterns regarding picture-perfect form.
    Let's see the next step:

    But the main points and skills have to be learned at the course. It is unlikely for those not at the course to learn the fine points of the combat applications from the videos. Some of the combat applications are very sophisticated.
    What to do if youre not so lucky enough to be invited to the course?

    Not all Shaolin Wahnam family members will be invited to the course. But even for those not invited, it is worth the effort to learn the Essence of Shaolin set. It is one of the rare sets that is kept as a top secret. Many people, including some masters, asked me to teach them the set, but I declined. It is a rare opportunity just to know the set. It is even a rarer opportunity to attend the course. It is once in a life-time.
    How should I now finally prepare myself for the course?

    A good recommendation to prepare well for the course is to know the set well. Course participants should have picture-perfect form. Some of the combat applications are so sophisticated that if their form is not picture-perfect, they may not be able to apply the fine combat functions.
    So the words
    "Your form must be good......Tiger claw not prawn!" and “Don’t perform Opium Smoker Reaching for Pipe. Perform Black Tiger Steals Heart”
    should be remembered very well for all of the invited participans, but why?

    The combat sequences will be taught at the course. Those attending the course should be ready for some "brain-frying"

    But they will be given videos for review.
    Puhhh, hopefully the videos will be saving us

    I'm not as good as Hoong Hei Khoon in my force training (yet), but what can I else do to prepare myself on the Internal Force level?

    Course participants should also have some reasonable force. But all those invited to the course should have sufficient force. One-Finger Shooting Zen is a good exercise or preparation.
    My legs are know very happy to hear about the good news.

    Please dont take my questions/comments to serious. Some of them are just entertaining. But the answers are real.

    Please prepare yourself if you are invited.

    With shaolin salute,

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
    When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.

    -Lao Tzu-


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      The whole 2017 will be a great preparation for the amazing Essence of Shaolin course.
      I watch the set with a video editor software to have opportunity to see every move.
      I have noticed that the picture set include 108 patterns, but during the set Sigung execute many more moves and patterns.
      My understanding of Kung Fu is limited, but I guess that some of them are feints, others are a part of pattern, or in some way preparation to execute a pattern.

      I thought that maybe it will be a good idea to make screen shots of the patterns and publish it here.
      Maybe some of You, dear Brothers and Sisters, can elaborate about them to help in preparation for the course.

      I was focusing on the moves I could notice fa-jing. There are many more moves in the set, if some of You are interested maybe we can cut sophisticated sequences in small pieces and elaborate about the function?

      I am really sorry for my english, I hope I managed to share with You my idea and really hope that many of the students will be interested in this topic.

      I will start to publish the pictures from the next post. there are 160 of them.

      Edit - I can publish only 5 pictures at the time, shall I put them here, or maybe You have some better idea?

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            Ok, that will be the first 20. Maybe it will be better to make a website?


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