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    Choy Li Fut is a formidable fighting style to be sure. I practice Taijiquan mainly now, so when I found this thread about Pok Khek it really peaked my interest.

    What was passed onto me regarding the understanding of internal forms of martial arts was to just keep training hard with correct technical application and to not stop and the rest will follow
    That was good advice.


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      Originally posted by "AnthonyF View Post
      Hi Ht_Pies.
      "There is no limitation to learning. So if a style introduces techniques from another style would you say that this is within that style?
      No comment on things/styles that I am not familiar with!
      Personally, it should not take more than 3 years to learn pean, pao, cubb, yum, yeong, fong, farn, say, kwa, sau, charp and the variations of poon lan charp, pao, kwa, sau, cubb etc...including rose panther fist ( mui farr charp)
      PK is a small part of the late NCF's MA curriculum. Even though it's a very good effective "fighting system", the techniques are simple and can be countered by simple tc movements eg "pourn sou (hands)" can effectively handled PK's kwa, say, sau etc as demonstrated by it's founder!
      Having done both, I do not believe one can achieve "energy training" from the "internal movements" of tc by the hard fast movements of PK.
      Furthermore, the hard conditioning of the arms in PK training make it difficult to be soft and sensitive in push hands practice.


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        Pok Khek Khuen

        Originally posted by PoKKhek View Post
        Hey everybody
        Just joined up yesterday, even though I've been visiting the site for a while now
        I was just wondering if anybody here would possibly have any footage of training or sparring from Pok Khek as I've been training for a while now and just been curious to see the difference in the way other people train/learn the style.

        For anybody that hasn't heard of Pok Khek, it's basically a very combat efficient style created by Master Nip Chee Fei who I believe was a master in Choy Li Fut and Tai Chi Quan who combined the 2 into one style or something rather :P
        I've heard that some of it's strengths come from Shaolin Kung Fu as well actually, although I can't be specific about anything really since it's very hard to find information about the style online, except from my teacher of course
        Hi ,
        i hail from Ipoh but is stationed in KL / PJ now. I am a practitioner from the old Khoon in Ipoh whn i was very young 13 years old 1975. Under the old masters whom trained under Grand Master Nip Chee Fei. Now the Khoon is run by Master Chew Tuck Keong who was my same time tutelage under the 4 Masters from the old Khoon ( Shen Jai Chinese School near the roundabout Majestic cinema, opposite Jasa Ramai bus terminal owned by Datuk Michelle Yeo family ). Now the new Khoon is located along jalan Pasir Pinji (opposite the Tuck Kee Restoran)

        During training last time we were put through the rigorous training using cane batons to harden our arms and legs. Pok Khek Khuen was coined (according to Master Chew Tuck Keong ) by Grand Master Nip during the gangster era most gang fights involved practitioners of CLF ..Grand Master Nip decided to term CLF as PKK mainly because fearing CLF might be tarnished by it's practitioners who were mainly gangsters then. Henceforth PKK was the choice term 'approved' by Grand Master Nip.
 after tournament photo

        https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.n..._5885149_n.jpg The old Khoon . grand master Nip (seated 7th from the left)

        https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.n...04666033_o.jpg The new Khoon
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