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Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis

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  • Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis

    I've been lucky enough to train different styles with Sifu, and also different styles before I learned from Sifu, carrying on throughout my training with him.

    In terms of the combat efficiency of the students, one of the best styles I have seen is Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis.

    I wonder would Sifu ever consider teaching a course in this style?

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    As well as Chow Gar, I am also interested to know more about Mok Ka and Lau Ka Kungfu, which I have not heard or seen mentioned much on our forum or Sifu's website over the years compared to other styles, but which I used to hear quite a bit about in the UK, referred to as "Mok Gar" and "Lau Gar". I met some people in classes when I tried things like jujitsu, aikido and kickboxing 15 years or so ago who said they had experience in these, Lau in particular seemed quite popular in the Uk.

    I also think I remember reading in Nigel Benn's autobiography that he thought his training in Mok Gar in London had helped him develop the tremendous handspeed he was later able to utilise to become World Middleweight and Super Middleweight boxing champion.

    I guess it might be because there are so many kungfu styles that Sifu has decided to pick the most historically important and practically beneficial ones for his research and teaching, and perhaps Lau Gar and Mok Gar are not so significant compared to Baguazhang, Wing Choon etc.