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Baguazhang: static stance training photos?

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  • Baguazhang: static stance training photos?

    Hi, I was curious if there were photos of the static baguazhang poses for stance training.
    The closest I could come up with were stills from the combat sequences:


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    I don't believe there are photographs of all the stances used in the Baguazhang taught by Sifu. A keen search through Sifu's website reveals gems here and there, though, and likewise the forum. There is also a clip from the Baguazhang course (starting at about 7:40) showing us learning and practicing using Baguazhang patterns from the Eight Mother Palms to develop force.

    Another video from the "Taste of Baguazhang" course demonstrates some more Baguazhang stance training.

    Interestingly, different schools all have their own favored stances, not just the classic Green Dragon Stretches Claws posture. For example, a written description of eight stances (sometimes referred to as "Eight Internal Palms") used by one particular school of Baguazhang can be read in the Special Questions & Answers series on Baguazhang. Some more old photographs of Baguazhang from an old book can be seen on this page from Sifu's Q&A here. Sifu, certainly, taught the stances he felt were worth spending time on at the Baguazhang camp.

    Park Bok Nam's The Fundamentals of Pa Kua Chang demonstrates the postures from Lu Shui Tien's lineage. Whirling Circles of Baguazhang demonstrates the postures of the Jiang Rong Qiao branch, and the Association for Traditional Studies has material documenting the Yin Fu Baguazhang of the Xie Peiqi lineage. My old Baguazhang sifu taught me his version of Eight Internal Palms; he considered it so important that he began teaching me them right away.

    Anyhow, hope this helps. Maybe some time in the future such stuff could get posted, who knows.
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      Oh excellent, thanks for digging up some of those gems. In one of the videos from England I see you guys doing some static training, but it's clearly only a little bit compared to circle walking.


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        The 8 Mother Palms are on here somewhere, though I cant find the still pictures.

        The eight mother palms form the core of Baguazhang. These eight mother palms are as follows:

        Single-Changing Palm, or Dan Huan Zhang
        Double-Changing Palm, or Shuang Huan Zhang
        Smooth-Flow Palm, or Shun Pu Zhang
        Back-Body Palm, or Bei Shen Zhang
        Turn-Body Palm, Fan Shen Zhang
        Circle-Body Palm, or Zhuan Shen Zhang
        Rotating-Body Palm, or Xuan Zhuan Zhang
        Return-Body Palm, Hui Shen Zhang

        The eight mother palms are practiced in Circle Walking, which is unique in Baguazhang. Strictly speaking it is not walking in circles but in hexagons or bagua.

        Each mother palm incorporates eight typical Baguazhang techniques forming a sequence. The eight sequences consisting sixty four techniques are linked together into a set, called the Swimming Dragon Baguazhang Set.
        Here are the videos:
        Sifu Andy Cusick

        Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
        Shaolin Qigong


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          Interesting, thank you Frederick for sharing.