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Training in Malaysia for a while

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  • Training in Malaysia for a while

    Hello all,

    Has anyone ever gone to Malaysia to do some serious shaolin training with an instructer for a long period of time? Im thinking between 6 months and a year. The reason I ask is I am soon finishing university and would like to take a year off after my finals, and maybe follow my kungfu dream in the process

    I would like to hear from anyone who has already made this journey please, all information would be appreciated.

    from the ♥

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    Hey everyone,

    I started this thread a while back and haven't got a reply. Maybe it just got overlooked. In any case I'd like some information about Wahnam training spots in Malaysia so I can begin planning my trip there. Right now my main questions are

    Where can one train kungfu in Malaysia? (in which cities)


    What would be the best accommodation arrangement? Renting a flat maybe? I'm saving up as we speak but I'm a student and I don't have a lot of money at the moment.

    Also, I sent a PM to Wong Chun Nga about this but I haven't got a reply, do you know if he reads this forum often?
    from the ♥


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      Hi Mike,

      Congratulations on your impending graduation. I think it is a wonderful idea to spend a year training Kung Fu. While my answer may not be what you are looking for, here is my advice. I suggest that you start out by taking Intensive Chi Kung and Kung Fu courses with Sifu in Sungai Petani. He has not announced the dates of the next courses, but you could try writing to Sifu's secretary, his daughter Wei Foong, and ask her. After that I think it would be marvelous to travel about training with your Kung Fu family in Asia and beyond, practicing. I, for one, would be glad to have a sparring partner for some time and I'm sure that many other of our brother's and sisters would feel the same. The reason that I suggest this course of action is because I don't think there are any ongoing classes in Malaysia. (It's also something that I hope to be able to do)

      Let's see what others have to say.

      With Shaolin Salutation,
      Your Brother,
      Charles David Chalmers
      Brunei Darussalam


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        Originally posted by shaolin_mike View Post
        Where can one train kungfu in Malaysia?
        Anywhere and everywhere. You are not limited to a school, kwoon, etc.

        As far as I know, there are no regular Shaolin Wahnam classes in Malaysia. I like Charles' suggestion -- a practical proposition.
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          Some time ago Zhang Wuji made posts about having practice sessions weekly in Singapore (next nearest place to Malaysia). Perhaps you can PM or email him, if you are interested to join.

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            Thanks for the replies so far.

            to Charles: I would eventually like to do Sifu's intensive Kungfu course but I wanted to have a good year of practice behind me so that I could get the most out of it. I would also like to train regularly (and quite intensively if it's possible) with a Sifu for sometime and gain a good foundation in the art, as well as the discipline to train hard everyday. I want to progress faster than I am doing on my own over here. I quite like the idea of the internship that I believe Adam is doing in Kitchener (I may have my facts wrong here) but I think that came about because he already knew his Sifu quite well am I right?

            to Andrew: I know I am not limited in that sense but as I explained above I would like to train regularly under the guidance of a Sifu, so I am limited to where the Sifu is and whether I am accepted as a student. I thought of Malaysia because I imagined it would have a lot of people training Wahnam kungfu together (it's not just out of some special attraction to the country; I was trying to be practical)

            to Joko: are there any instructors in Singapore that you know about?

            I just had a thought is there someone I could email who would know the definitive situation about training regularly in Malaysia (ie if its possible or not)

            thanks for all your advice
            from the ♥


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              Training with the Shaolin Wahnam School in Malaysia

              Dear Mike ,

              Congratulations on finishing tertiary education soon .

              There are no formal regular kungfu classes in Malaysia : some students sometimes get together to train in towns/cities like Kota Kinabalu ( me and some siblings ) , Kuala Lumpur ( Lee Wei Joo's group ) , etc .

              Sifu Wong Chun Nga is the only listed instructor in Malaysia presently and he does not teach regular Kungfu classes.

              To my knowledge , none of Grandmaster Wong's other Malaysian Wahnam disciples actively teach presently.

              Grandmaster Wong conducts only Intensive , Special and Advanced Courses at the town of Sungai Petani in Kedah state and Intensive Courses at Mount Kinabalu in Sabah state.

              If your aim is to prepare for an Intensive Kungfu Course and also dedicate 6-12 months to Kungfu training to acquire a good foundation , may i suggest the following :
              1) Write to Grandmaster Wong and ask for his advise .
              2) Other suggestions : If financially feasible globetrot and train a few months each time with a Wahnam Kungfu Instructor on each of the continents ( you get to do kungfu , travel the world , meet your worldwide brother/sisters and appreciate your family back home more wholesomely ) ; Otherwise register with the nearest Wahnam Kungfu Instructor that teaches regular classes .

              Best Wishes in all your good endeavours .

              With Shaolin salute ,

              Damian .
              Damian Kissey
              Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                Thanks to all who replied. Here is the updated situation:

                So I've tried to get in touch with Wong Chun Nga and so far no luck. I'll take it as read that there will be no courses with him in Malaysia and look elsewhere.

                I will probably look for a Sifu somewhere in Europe. At the same time I feel like traveling around a bit so maybe I will start off with one Sifu and then move around to meet others. I have not decided where I am going yet but I am particularly intrigued by our older brother Kai's training chamber in Germany. It sounds like a pretty unique place.

                I would like to bring Shaolin back to my home country one day so for me it is important that I train hard and train smart in this year to get maximum benefit and start off with good habits that I can continue in the future.

                I'll update this as things unfold...
                from the ♥