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Vertical & Horizontal Life , Vertical & Horizontal Shifts

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  • Vertical & Horizontal Life , Vertical & Horizontal Shifts

    Sharings from Shaolin Wahnam and the Bhakti Tradition :

    " Moreover, we aim for a “vertical shift” rather than a “horizontal shift”. In other words, by improving your skills you can be relaxed and healthy in London or any places in the whole world. You don't have to change your working habits or place of residence. Your shift to relaxation and health is by moving upward in living skills, and not by moving horizontally away from your daily work and play."

    Quoting our Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit from

    " The saints teach us to live a vertical life. The horizontal life is chasing after the illusions of this world. The vertical life is the inner road. The horizontal life is paved with illusion. The vertical life is paved with truth. The horizontal life takes us away from the Lord. The vertical life takes us toward the Lord. The inner road protects us, while the outer roads subject us to all kinds of travails."

    Culled from

    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .

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    The Crossing is within.
    There is no other side.