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Benefits of the Shaolin Arts Word Cloud

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  • Benefits of the Shaolin Arts Word Cloud

    Hello Everyone,

    I thought it would be fun if we collectively made a word cloud showing the benefits we've received by practicing the Shaolin Arts. If you haven't seen one, a word cloud is when a group of people submit words related to a topic and then the most common words are shown in a cluster. The bigger the word, the more common it was.

    For example:
    fruit word cloud.jpeg

    To submit your top benefits, click here.

    Answers don't necessarily have to be a single word, but the longer your answer the less likely it will match with someone else's and then not be as visible in the word cloud.

    If we get enough submissions I'll post the final word cloud here in a few weeks, but if you want to follow the work in progress you can see it by clicking here.
    Last edited by Andrew R; 18 July 2021, 05:46 AM.
    Love, and do what you will.

    - St. Augustine

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    Nice idea, Andrew!

    I just entered my benefits an posted it on our facebook page.

    Best wishes,

    Sifu Leonard Lackinger

    Shaolin Treasure House

    Shaolin Wahnam Wien & Shaolin Treasure House


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      Thanks, Sisook!
      Love, and do what you will.

      - St. Augustine