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  • Off-gasing furniture

    Happy easter everyone!

    A while back I bought a cheap particle board table top. It smelt of something nasty and practicing chi-kung near it had some unpleasant side effects so I got rid of it immediately. More recently I bought a pine wood table thinking that solid wood wouldn't have the same problem, but it seemed to fill the air in the room with "something" so I moved that out of the room I practice in too. I was quite surprised about that though,

    Anyone else become more aware of stuff like this as they've progressed with their practice? Do any of you have magic wand that can be used to stop furniture off-gasing?


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    Happy Easter to Jordan and All

    With practise of Shaolin Arts , most of us become more aware of stuff like this and other things due to enhanced senses . Recently a new student ( only 3 rd class ) of my sister ( Sifu Bernie) could detect subtle specific chemical odor at home though no one at home could explain why ( ie no recent mopping etc ) ...eventually it turned out that the cap on a Dettol bottle in a closed store room was slightly loose and tightening the cap resolved the issue .

    I'm not sure of a magic wand to stop furniture off gassing but any one of the following can help to prevent or mitigate :

    1) buy non-toxic furnitures
    2) air it out before using in room
    3) ventilate room and/or use air purifier
    4) spray room and furniture surfaces with SmartCoat ( nanotech product containing photocatalyst ) to remove and/or deactivate toxic fumes or microbes...i've used this for my clinics

    So enjoy your new furniture , your practice and your life .

    And in the Ambience of Easter , wishing all a positive spiritual renewal in ourselves and in our perception of others .

    Cheers with Chi
    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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      Hi Damien,

      Thankyou. After reading that I put a new table top outside in the sun all day and it has already made a massive difference.

      Interesting about the new student. Certainly seems sounds similar to my own experiences.

      I just looked up SmartCoat - looks great. I'm not sure if its available in the UK though.