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Course for High School Students: Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Culture 功夫和中國文化正宗

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  • Course for High School Students: Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Culture 功夫和中國文化正宗

    Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Culture 功夫和中國文化正宗

    I taught the first class of our Kung Fu Elective class for 10th graders at NCCU Affiliated High School(政大附中) in Taipei on Wednesday. The course meets one hour per week. Here are some of the skills and strategies students will learn:

    Stances and Footwork 馬步
    Pushing Hands 推手
    Felling 跌法
    Striking 打法
    Kicking 踢法
    Chin Na 擒拿
    Safety First 安全第一
    Signal to the East, Strike to the West 聲東擊西
    Continuous Attack 連續攻擊

    By using a cooperative teaching methodology, students acquire practical Kung Fu skills, learn about traditional Chinese Culture and practice English at the same time.
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    少林華南台灣 Shaolin Wahnam Taiwan


    "Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure."

    -Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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    Looks like your students are having a lot of fun whilst learning key skills for combat and life. Keep up the good work, Mark
    Sifu Andrew Barnett
    Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

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    Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew Barnett - in Switzerland and internationally
    Heilbehandlungen mit Sifu Andrew Barnett - in der Schweiz und International


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      Not exactly a Masters in Business Admin ( MBA) course but could be the beginnings of Mark Blohm Academy ( MBA ) ....a westerner bringing back Chinese Arts to orientals in a fun way ....teaching Scholarship , Martial Arts and Mind training as core subjects in combination with standard academia .

      Keep up the great work Sifu Mark B.
      Damian Kissey
      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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          Great to see