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The Shaolin Arts for Daily Life

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  • The Shaolin Arts for Daily Life

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    Today, I was remembering about the Intensive Zen Course. When I look back and see the tremendous inner transformation that its teachings have caused in me, I feel very grateful and also amazed.

    In this course, I deeply realized that if I was changing my thoughts I was changing my life.

    In some previous posts of mine, I have often shared how this course has helped me to understand that every problem was just an opportunity for improvement, a blessing in disguise.

    During the course, many unresolved aspects in me came to the surface suddenly asking for help. As soon as I stopped seeing them as a problem, they were so happy to manifest in my conscious mind. I believe this shift was caused when I became solution-oriented and left aside being problem-oriented.

    At first, this experience was very overwhelming. But soon, I realized the wonderful blessing that I was having in front of me. I had so many opportunities to make my life better. Before I could not see so many opportunities and now I could. What a great blessing that was.

    I was really surprised by this manifestation. If felt like if they were there for many ages just waiting and hoping to be handled and used as a way to make my life better.

    From that day on, I took opportunity after opportunity and kept working on them until they were solved and at peace. It was a staircase with many steps. For many years the staircase seemed very long and overwhelming. Now, every step on that staircase has transformed into an enjoyable opportunity for growing and reaching higher.

    Another important aspect that this course developed in me over the years has been the focus on applying the Shaolin Arts in my daily life.

    I already had these two lessons in me before I did the Intensive Zen Course but the course itself was like a trigger and awaken those two aspects at a very deep level.

    Since then, every time I learn something from Sifu, I am always willing and eager to find its application in daily life. I ask myself, “How can I use this skill to make my life and the life of others better?” I enjoy greatly when I am capable of using these teachings and often amazed whenever I witness how effective they are.

    In this thread, I would like to keep adding many of the lessons and skills that I have learned from Sifu over the years and the effects and applications that they have had so far in my daily life.

    It is my hope and wish that you accompany me in this journey and share your own lessons and applications of the endless skills that Sifu so generously always offer us.

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,


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    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    “Safety First, Victory Second”

    When I started practicing Tai Chi Chuan in Shaolin Wahnam, I saw how, again and again, I was jumping into my training partners totally disregarding my safety. My training partners were very patient and always careful in not hurting me. That is why I wasn’t badly hurt during my practices. I thank them for that.

    This combat principle has been of extraordinary importance in my daily life as it made me realize the way I was approaching my existence.

    When I was moving through life, I didn’t think first if it was safe for me to do what I was about to do. Therefore, I experienced many unpleasant and unnecessary suffering and trouble. This also created in others much unnecessary suffering and trouble.

    Now, I use this principle in my freelancing business when accepting new clients or designing marketing strategies. Many of my clients are often surprised by how wide the perspective I offer them is. That saves them from a lot of unnecessary trouble and reduces risks in their business tremendously.

    I also remember when Chun Yian Siheng was teaching us Chinese Chess in Ireland. I was totally disregarding my safety when trying to win each game. Chun Ying Siheng so wisely said that “One could not think about victory when his defense was weak”. That sentence had a great impact on me and made me rethink on how I was living my life. I realized that I was just focusing on victory but forgetting about everything else.

    Since then, this skill and principle has been accompanying me and soaking deep inside. It has completely changed the way I approach my life. It has really saved me in many ways because it greatly enriched my relationships and made me also a better professional and person.

    It also taught me that it is my responsibility to keep myself safe and to take care of my life. Also helped me to understand the great emphasis that the Shaolin Arts put on compassion and preserving life.

    Following this principle does not mean that I am now afraid of taking action. It means that I first ensure that my position is safe so, whenever I progress, I progress safely and with the minimum possible risk.

    This principle also allows me to save a lot of time as it prevents me from many unnecessary mistakes that can easily be avoided before even starting.

    It can be applied to so many areas and at so many levels that it amazes me. Often, the most simple things are the most profound and filled with great moments of truth.

    When I did the Small and Big Universe Course in Toronto my sensing skills started developing at a much faster rate. The principle of Safety First was easily merging with my sensing skills and created a very interesting combination. The sensing skills were allowing me to read the situation better and realize faster which move was safer or less risky.

    Sometimes, I have declined to work for certain clients making use of this principle. In many occasions, they were telling me to sign contracts that were totally exposing me. Of course, those contracts were protecting them very well but, if anything happened, I was totally unsafe or unprotected.

    It is very interesting for me to realize now that, during these 5 years as self-employed, I rarely had problems or trouble with the companies I have worked with. In my heart, I know that the combat principle of "Safety First" has played an important part in making it so.

    Please feel free to comment or add your own personal experience with these principles applied to your daily life.

    With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,


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