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    My wife and I have just registered for the intensive qigong course in December! This will be our first time going to Malaysia, and I am wondering if any of you more experienced travelers had any tips on not only getting a good deal on airline tickets, but also for having a reasonably easy trip.

    We're in West Florida if that makes a difference. Judging by the prices, we'll probably just drive to Atlanta, since it's the closest Intl airport to us, and the 5 hour drive saves about 2-300usd each.

    I know energy flow will smooth most of that stuff out, but I also like to be prepared.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.

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    Hi Alex,

    Congrats. I hope to see you in Penang as I plan on doing the Intensive Kung fu course, fifteen years after my first. Tips? Buy your tickets early. Air Asia has cheap flights into and out of KL. Find out where they fly to. That might be a good way to get the best deal. Fly from KL to Penang.

    Hao Yun Qi!


    Charles David Chalmers
    Brunei Darussalam


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      I just bought a return ticket from London to Kuala Lumpur for £330. It's only 2 weeks before my flight.
      I searched on Skyscanner. The flight does have changes, stop overs and early morning travel. But comparing that to the £600 I paid before to Penang, and the average price of £550, it's good.

      I buy a separate return flight from kl to Penang for £25.

      Good luck!


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        Thank you both. This is very helpful information.


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          Tickets purchased. Thanks again, and see you there!