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Congratulations in order

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  • Congratulations in order

    I see there is a upcoming happy event for Miss Wong Sau Foong and Mr Teoh Swee Fatt.

    May they and their families be well, peaceful and happy. May they enjoy a long life together.


    ps of course the Art of Marriage makes all these CK/KF/TCC arts look positively simple
    "If you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." Peace Pilgrim.

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    Full & Hearty Congratulations

    Well started and well said Mike.

    I also wish to extend my congratulations and best wishes to the new couple, may they enjoy continued happiness throughout their life together.


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      Many hearty congratulations to both Sau Foong and her husband-to-be. May their future together bring them health, happiness and prosperity.

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        Wow! Very Cool! I bet Sifu is THRILLED!!!

        Congrats to the Wongs and the Teohs.

        Do you think the Teohs know that they're marrying into a family with hundreds of people all over the world?
        Sifu Anthony Korahais
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          I'd like to add my heartiest congratulations to the Wong and Teoh families on the upcoming marriage of Wong Sau Foong and Teoh Swee Fatt. I wish them a long, healthy and happy life together, not to mention lots of grandchildren for Sifu and Simu

          From the Heart,
          Jeffrey Segal


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            I am too adding my congratulations and sincere best wishes for this new happy family!
            Hubert Razack


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              Glasses Raised

              I echo your sentiments.
              Health and Happiness!

              Charles David Chalmers
              Brunei Darussalam


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                Happy Times

                I would also like to offer my congratulations to the Wong and Teoh family. Big smiles from the heart to all concerned!


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                  Me too

                  Good luck, happiness and best wishes to the bridge and groom, and their families.

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                    I would like to offer my congratulations to both families and wishing the new couple the old Chinese saying:

                    "May they grow old with gray hair together
                    And bear a prosperous child each passing year"


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                      Many congratulations to them, and best wishes of happiness and prosperity.
                      l' amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle.


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                        Although I don't know really anyone at Wahnam, congratulations!