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  • The Shaolin Wahnam Space Program

    Dear Family,

    During the incredible Zen course in Dublin we came to realize that there is noticeable interest in space travel among the Wahnam Family members, especially for a trip to Mars. What type of space travel would you like to have? Have you always wanted to visit space or did that dream grow on you later? I refuse to believe that anyone would have given up a dream to visit the space if they ever held that dream!

    In recent years there has been discussion of voluntary astronauts being sent for a one-way expedition to Mars where they would eventually perish. I think a suicide mission "in the name of science" is morally questionable, but maybe some of you would feel different? Besides, we have a wide selection of worthy Shaolin Arts to utilize, so a skillful Shaolin Wahnam master could make for an excellent astronaut on all occasions: Cosmic Breathing means no need for oxygen, though the cabin or space suit should probably have enough pressure anyway (I could be wrong on this if strong internal force is sufficient to protect from the lack of pressure); Cosmic Shower to help cleanse the harmful cosmic radiation; Chi Kung to keep health despite harsh conditions; Bigu to survive without water or nourishment; then Arts of Lightness and Hardness could help manouvering in space or different gravity conditions (fajing in zero gravity, someone should try that if it makes for good propulsion! ).

    With stellar respect,
    I am so eager that I would make it for a one-way expedition.
    I could make a trip to space if it's convenient, safe, and affordable.
    Why should I go to the space when I can Merge with the Cosmos right here and now?

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    If I could live 1 million years, I'd go on the The boat of a million years


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      Hi Olli, like many others as a kid, and still to this day, I always thought Astronaut (or Cosmonaut) was a very cool job. Look at the kudos people like Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong got in the past, or that Chris Hadfield or Tim Peake get today, and how much they seem to enjoy it. The engineering, science, computer science and, yes, rocket science of it all fascinates me.

      I would prefer to be a kungfu, chi kung and zen master, who could merge with the cosmos, rather than having to go there in a spaceship.

      But they needn't be mutually exclusive I think

      P.s. I have heard Chris Hadfield's book is a great read, hope to find out someday.


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        Dear Olli

        I have had the opportunity to get to know an astronaut who had been on several space missions. My meetings with him always reminded me of Sigung and our practice: he is an incredible humble and kind person and our meetings have been always extremely cost-effective. And it is always important to him that we also have some fun during our get-to-gethers. Sometimes he would show me pictures or films from his space journeys and his eyes would start glowing. It must be simply beautiful to see almost every 45 minutes a sunset or sunrise and witness our beautiful Mother Earth in the midst of the Universe. So incredible small and fragile on one side, and so incredible intelligent people living on it on the other side. Meeting him one can feel a very dear appreciation for this planet and our life here and now.

        I thought I wanted to share that with you although it is a little bit off-topic. Thank you once again for giving me that great topic. You were such a great audience that I missed sharing that part!

        Kind regards, Binia


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          Greetings to my fellow space farers,

          I'm glad that no one has voted to signup as a human cannonball to be shot into desolate, distant space.

          Despite the absence of comfortable, affordable, and safe space travel, here are some advertisements for remote travel options. Just in case we get lucky some day and get to scratch that travel itch.

          Exoplanet Travel Bureau posters:

          Find your dream world. This set of travel posters envision a day when the creativity of scientists and engineers will allow us to do things we can only dream of now. You can take a virtual trip to several alien worlds and maybe even plaster your living room with this planetary art, available free for downloading and printing.

          With sincere respect,