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  • Everlasting Happiness

    As the new year dawns....grateful am I again for having been initiated into the Shaolin Arts , for it is one proven way to achieve the Highest Happiness , or Zen or Tao or other Names.

    Would like to share an article from my old school on the same topic:


    The pursuit of happiness is universal and valid. In one way or another, we are all seeking peace and happiness. We search for it in relationships, work, food, alcohol, movies, sex, shopping, money, and what not. But, although these things, if we achieve them, give us some type of happiness, it is only a second-class type of happiness, which doesn’t last and usually ends in frustration or sorrow. That is because all things of the world are perishable; they have a beginning and an end.

    Human beings have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects with which they search for peace and happiness. Our physical, mental and emotional selves are only capable of connecting with these things of the world that change and die. Because they are impermanent, the happiness they provide is impermanent. Only by developing our spiritual nature can we find a source of peace and happiness that is permanent. People refer to this fountainhead of permanent joy and peace by many names, such as God, Universal Consciousness, Tao, Shabd, Word, and so on. One way to make conscious contact with this infinite source of peace and happiness is taught by the masters who teach Surat Shabd Yoga, the method of uniting our spiritual self with the inner sound current. Their teachings are known as Sant Mat, an Indian phrase meaning the teachings of the saints. These masters teach a practical way of developing our spiritual nature so that we can achieve lasting peace and happiness.

    As we begin to put the teachings into practice, we start to develop our spiritual nature and come to understand more and more that our suffering is rooted in our distorted or unclear way of perceiving the world and ourselves. But when we achieve peace through the practice of meditation, our minds become settled and clear. We then begin to see life as it really is. We see events and people for what they are, rather than for what we have always projected on them. The resulting light-heartedness we experience enables us to go deeper into our meditation practice. The deeper we go, the more clearly we understand the true nature of the mind. We are able to watch how the mind creates infinite scenarios and then dissolves them again. We start to recognize that the source of our problems lies in the deceptive nature of our mental creations, and in our yearning for permanent or lasting solutions in an ever-changing world. As we continue with our meditation practice, our mind becomes still until eventually our soul is left unencumbered and we can contact directly the Source of all peace and happiness: the Tao, the Shabd, Buddha Nature, or God.

    These teaching don’t belong to any race, nation or community. Sant Mat cannot be considered a religion, because it does not have any of the elements common to religions, such as rituals, holy books, churches, holy images, clergy, and sacraments. Yet the fundamental concern of Sant Mat is the same as all the world religions--reuniting the soul with the ultimate Source of everlasting peace and happiness.

    Cheers with Chi
    Damian Kissey
    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .

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    make conscious contact with this infinite source of peace and happiness
    The resulting light-heartedness
    our soul is left unencumbered

    contact directly the Source of all peace and happiness

    Thank you Damien

    Another tradition describes it like this:

    "Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understand him, praying only for knowledge of his will for us and power to carry that out"

    Here is a hope: for more beings tuning into a source of lasting peace and happiness that will ripple out in a wave across all beings - without involving shame or one-upmanship

    With metta,

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      Thank you for the share. To me, everlasting happiness also involves unconditional love for God and experiencing his unconditional love.

      Here's a wonderful passage from Krishna Das:

      So when Maharaj-ji ji asked this man why he'd come and what he wanted, he was unsure how to respond. Finally, he replied, "Can you teach me how to meditate?"

      Maharaj-ji's response was: "Meditate like Christ. Go. Sit in the back of the temple with the other Westerners."

      The guy came to the back, and we asked him about his darshan. He told us that Maharaj-ji had said to meditate like Christ. At first we were surprised. "What! Meditate like Christ! What does that mean?" But then we thought about it. We were always trying to get Maharaj-ji to tell us what practice to do, but he'd never give us any specific instructions about yoga or meditation. Now he'd said this. If he said it, he must know how Jesus meditated. We decided to ask him about it. We were so excited-we were going to get the secret teachings at last!

      Later in the day, when Maharaj-ji came to the back of the temple to hang out with us, Ram Dass broached the subject that had us all buzzing. "You said to meditate like Christ. How did he meditate?"

      It seemed as if Maharaj-ji was about to answer, but instead his eyes closed and he sat there completely still, completely silent. It felt like he'd totally disappeared. In all the time I'd been with him, I'd only seen him sitting motionless like this a couple of times before. It was extraordinarily powerful, as if the whole universe had become silent. Then a tear came down his cheek. We were in awe. After a couple of minutes, his eyes half opened and, with great emotion, he quietly said, "He lost himself in love, that's how he meditated.

      He was one with all beings. He loved everyone, even the people who crucified him. He never died. He is the atman [soul]. He lives in the hearts of all. He lost himself in love."


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        Thanks, Siheng for sharing this. I enjoy simply reading those words, "Everlasting Happiness," and saying them in my mind.

        "Eternal Joy" is also quite nice.

        Cultivate diligently, everyone!


        Charles David Chalmers
        Brunei Darussalam


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          Everlasting Happiness

          Thank you ....

          Barry for inspiring Hope

          Stephen for Unconditional Love

          Charles for Eternal Joy

          Damian Kissey
          Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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            Universal Teaching of All Great Philosophies and Religion

            The Way to Absolute Happiness starts Within and not Without , so say the sages .

            "The summit of reality can only be realized within oneself,"
            said Buddha.

            A great Sufi Master adds that "the source of truth is
            within and he himself is the object of his realization".

            According to Schopenhauer, "The essential to life's happiness resides in
            what one has in one's Self. Verily the principal source of human
            bliss comes from within, from the very depth of one's being."

            The kingdom of heaven is in the heart of those who realize
            God, and the whole purpose of life is to make God a reality.

            "Verily, it is simpler to find a way to heaven than to find one's
            way on earth" (Hazrat Inayat Khan). And how true is this sen-
            tence of the Bible: "The kingdom of heaven is within you"!

            The prophet said: God saith to me

            I do not live high or low at all;

            I live in the heart of the devotee.

            If thou desirest me,

            Then seek me from his heart.

            The mosque is inside the saints,

            And there resideth God for the homage of all.

            MAULANA RUM

            Damian Kissey
            Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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              Universal Teachings in All Great Religious or Spiritual Traditions ...

              .. ie the Way to Everlasting or Ultimate Happiness

              Would like to share a link to a free e-book from my old Yoga school entitled

              One Light Many Lamps

              In this full-color illustrated storybook for children of all ages, the Lord takes a soul, about to be born, on a wondrous spiritual journey. The Lord lovingly gives the soul five precious gifts to share with the people of the world, that reveal the divine principle of oneness behind the myriad divisions of all creation.

              Happy reading
              Attached Files
              Damian Kissey
              Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .