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  • Changes

    C'est les fleurs
    Qui dansent
    Dans la jour

    C'est le fume
    Qui dansé
    Avec la lune

    C'est moi et toi
    Qui Dansé
    Cette jour.

    It's the flowers
    Who Danse
    In the day

    It's the smoke
    Which dances
    With the moon

    It's you and me
    Who dance
    This day


    • The Sweet Air of Home by John Lee

      Using form to let go
      Aims & Objectives, patterns and sequences
      Counting repetitions to generate flow.

      Real joy, wonder; when has there ever not been flow?
      Life is a meaningful flow of energy; what is the flow that is not me?
      Living is breathing is smiling from a heart which beat since birth and beyond. Repetitions let go

      Paradise, Heaven, Nirvana; many words.
      Why worry about what they could mean for another ‘me’ sometime down the line?
      The cup of hot tea, my friend’s smiling family, Billy’s* voice on the phone.
      Form let’s go; the sweet air of home.

      *Billy is the author’s father


      • Creation, dissolution, transformation

        Creation, Dissolution, Transformation

        We laugh, we cry,
        our tears turn to jewels
        and decorate the sky--
        displaying a creation of wonder.

        We breathe in Life
        and transform the strife
        of a nightmare to beauty and thunder.

        Evolution is the game
        and all is the same
        as it twists into reality.

        How fortunate to see
        what it is to be free
        and wander without judgement or blame.

        to welcome change
        and appreciate the range
        of experience the mystery holds.

        We reach the summits
        and plummet to our depths
        as we unwrap our divine nature.

        The atom so profound,
        changes all around,
        it wears many masks of reality.

        Underneath we're the same
        and that's the whole game
        in the phases of coming and going.

        No need to be afraid
        to release what we've made
        in order to realize our potential.

        Break the old mold;
        transform lead to gold--
        we're alchemists
        in the dance of creation.

        by Michael Bailey

        I may have accidentally submitting this twice. The first try seemed to disappear after I pushed the wrong button. Please forgive my lack to tech. skills

        With all my heart I would like to thank Sigung for bringing his profound insights to the world.
        Sincerely, Michael
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        • Here the translation of Dorit's second poem translated from the German section

          The path

          That’s how you walk it, your path
          one time broad and even on sandy grounds
          one time narrow and windy, seamed by stones
          and roots tightened across like ropes
          nearly impalpable it leads uphill
          and time and time you stumble
          you fall down, get up again
          you walk further, slowly, step by step
          and you learn, to be skillful
          attentive, deliberate, considerate
          you learn, to take cliffs, without falling
          and one distant day you will not stumble anymore
          then you have arrived at the peak
          and you look down to far away places in far away times
          and you reflect on the time passed on your path
          and you don’t understand, how you could have ever stumbled
          so easy it has become
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          • Here the translation from Verena's poem posted in the German section

            I can't get around
            changing anyway.
            Even if I'd preferred to stay.

            But if, over time
            you only become stranger
            and stranger to yourself.

            And if we are separated,
            myself and my sight
            on what has degenerated into a habit
            Then myself chisels out every skill
            of getting a step closer to itself
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            • “Ocean of Existence” by Matthew Wood

              “Ocean of Existence” by Matthew Wood

              An ocean of existence
              Creates for you and me

              The fabric of what is, has been
              And still has yet to be

              A wave of possibilities
              Too limitless to mention
              Waves vibrate and ripple out
              To fashion our perception

              The Source of all eternity
              Changing all the while
              Breathing life in all we do
              Can’t help but raise a smile

              The nature of reality
              Quantum particle or wave?
              Duality transcended
              Our universe Love gave

              by Matthew Wood, September 2015
              With love and Shaolin salute /o

              "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

              Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


              • One Day Left

                One day left
                This is not a test
                This is not a poem
                One day left
                Charles David Chalmers
                Brunei Darussalam


                • Italy

                  Dear Charles Siheng,

                  I started the Poetry Contest Submissions for Italy (Thread in the Italian Section) and I promote it in Italy with help of Diana, the italian instructor.
                  But the studends of Diana have some problems with the registration, I will contact Andrew, and in the meantime they will copy the Poetry in my italian thread and then I will copy the translation here tomorrow.
                  I hope that we will be in time (famous italian organisations talent... )

                  Greetings and thanks


                  Originally posted by Charles David View Post
                  Dear Family and Friends,

                  Post your poems here, on the theme of "Changes."

                  For information regarding the contest, please see the contest announcement here.

                  To discuss anything related to the contest, please go to the "Poetry Contest Discussion" thread.

                  Please post only poetry submissions to this page.




                  • One day left
                    I have done my best
                    This has been so wholesome
                    One day left


                    • Remembering

                      What is this life? Asked the boy.

                      And then the world answered.
                      You are the trees. Said the trees.
                      You are the earth. Said the earth.
                      You are the sky. Said the sky.
                      What is this moment!?! Thought the boy. Then came to mind the Baby Jesus hanging over his cradle. Baby Jesus was all in all.
                      And the whole world was full of joy.

                      Who am I? Asked the youth.
                      You are a sinner. Said the Church.
                      You are not worthy. Said the Priest.
                      You are responsible for our happiness. Said his Parents.
                      And the boy began to forget.

                      Who am I? Asked the young man
                      You are chemicals. Said one Scientist.
                      You are genes. Said another.
                      You are atoms. Said yet another.
                      You are the clockwork product of 4 billion years of random blind action. Doomed to live, and doomed to die. Seeking to understand everything, meaning nothing.
                      And the world grew dark.

                      Who am I? Asked again the young man.
                      No answer came.
                      Perhaps it was time to explore the darkness?
                      So he journeyed far across the earth in search of ....something.
                      When the student is ready, the master appears.

                      The Sun fell to earth.
                      His radiance filled the room.
                      "Smile from your Heart."
                      "Really Smile from your Heart."
                      And so the young man did.

                      Then he began to hear the trees again.
                      Then he began to hear the earth again.
                      Then he began to hear the sky again.
                      The boy was going home.
                      The whole world was full of joy.
                      Sifu Andy Cusick

                      Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
                      Shaolin Qigong


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                      "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
                      - ancient wisdom


                      • Once there lived a warrior monk
                        A young and supple spring shoot was
                        His master's teachings followed true
                        Sun moon rain his practice grew

                        His golden bridge he fostered earnest
                        This the bridge one day he'll cross
                        Changes through unchangingness
                        Marvellous rewards his promise reap

                        Seasons came and seasons passed
                        Eyes and heart a warm fiery glow
                        Karma cleared compassion grows
                        Mind purified a lotus blooms

                        Just wanted to add a final poem in before the cut-off date. Huge thanks to the organisers and Sifu Wong for this. It was a whole new experience I have two books on poetry and liked a couple of literature pages on facebook thanks to this competition haha.
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                        • Italian session

                          Dear Family,

                          Here the first contribution from the italian partecipants (see thread -Poesie-in-italiano)

                          TRANSLATE FROM ITALIAN:

                          Tomorrow will follow the 4. one

                          ************************ Arianna Esposito:

                          as breathing
                          as the dark for a child
                          when awakens our souls.


                          ********************** PATRIZIA MITTIGA:

                          The spring wind lightness comes over my body

                          my surprised hearth blooms to the new flow

                          the weight of a tired and grieved soul moves silently away

                          while my look shines with a new light.

                          ************************************************** ********

                          **************** Sara Costa:

                          DARKNESS AND LIGHT

                          ... AN IMPORTANT DECISION ....
                          IMPORTANT DECISION FOR NOT HAVING MORE 'FEAR ...
                          BUT DOES NOT AFRAID MEANS.... CHANGE .. CHANGE HEAD, MIND,
                          REMOVE THE DARK
                          THE DECISION TO LEAVE THE DARK .. ... FEAR, ANGER
                          AND I WANT TO LIVE
                          CHANGING DARKNESS TO LIGHT!

                          ************************************************** ***********************************


                          • Italian session - ii part

                            TRANSLATE FROM ITALIAN

                            ********************** Annalisa Asha Esposito:

                            Two white tigers
                            Observe one another
                            From the opposite sides
                            Of the river.
                            With slow, long and
                            Elegant steps
                            They await the clash.
                            The eyes of pearl
                            Darts of fire
                            The sharp stones under the feet
                            The claws
                            To come out.
                            Now the sun
                            Shines straight
                            On the surface
                            Of the water ...
                            The blood whispers
                            The showdown
                            Dive the felines
                            Blinded by the limelight.
                            Rapid paw strikes
                            Sink into enemy flesh
                            Hurling the reasons
                            On either side.
                            Violent roars
                            Invite nature
                            To choose a winner:
                            They laugh up their sleeve
                            Exemplary in their courage
                            Because only now
                            They realise
                            They are siamese twins
                            Separated by a stream.
                            Dangling in their body
                            They discover the power
                            Of feeling
                            And gently licking
                            One another
                            They rest side by side
                            Under a weeping willow.


                            • First 11 Submissions from the Japanese team

                              Dear Family,

                              Please find below the first eleven poems which have been translated into English.
                              This is only the first batch. There is more to come.

                              Thank you to the panel of judges for your consideration.

                              Thank you, Sifu, for this opportunity to deepen our scholarship.

                              Shaolin salute, with love and respect,


                              Submission #1
                              Name: Mutsumi Murakami
                              Country: Japan

                              ー「 こころから 」 ー

                              気持ち悪いときに 気持ち悪いのがなおる

                              あたまが痛いときに 頭が痛いのがよくなる

                              元気がないときに 元気があらわれてくる

                              心が暗かったときに 心が軽く明るくなる

                              体が重かったときに 体が軽く明るくなる

                              思考がたくさんあったときには 思考よりも体が動くようになる




                              [With Heart]

                              When one feels bad, the bad feeling goes away
                              When one has a headache, the headache passes
                              Though at times one feels listless, vitality wells up
                              Though at times the heart feels sad, the heart becomes lighter and brighter
                              When the body has felt heavy, the body lightens and brightens
                              When there have been many thoughts, the body becomes able to move in spite of them

                              What a treasure

                              Such gratitude

                              With heart


                              Submission #2
                              Name: Mutsumi Murakami
                              Country: Japan

                              -「 きこえる 」 -






















                              Note: Because this poem relies heavily on sound, the key, original words have been retained with a rough translation given beside the line.

                              [What I Hear]

                              On the first day -
                              The sound of the New Year’s greeting card being deposited into the mailbox
                              (‘battledore and shuttlecock’ game played at New Year’s in Japan)
                              Hatsukochi (first easterly wind of spring)
                              The uguisu in the garden (nightingale)
                              The hibari in the sky (lark)
                              The inazuma in spring (flashes of lightning)
                              The hototogisu that comes to pay a visit (lesser cuckoo (cuculus poliocephalus))
                              Raji-taisou (series of calisthenics broadcast nationwide via radio as ‘warm-up’ to the day)
                              The bullfrog by the brook
                              Semi shigure (outburst of cicadas singing)
                              The insects that belong to the Fall
                              Tsukutsukuboushi and kanakana (cicadas: ‘meimuna opalifera’ and ‘tanna japonensis’)
                              Susuki that sparkle in the sunset (Japanese pampas grass)
                              Colours of the hills and fields begin to turn
                              A cold, wintry wind whistles
                              The soft pitter-patter of falling leaves
                              Christmas streets in December
                              Joya no kane (temple bell rung 108 times on New Year’s Eve)
                              How wonderful to have been born in this land!


                              Submission #3
                              Name: Mutsumi Murakami
                              Country: Japan

                              - 「変更」 -





                              Note: The original is written as a haiku.


                              If it is a ‘haiku’
                              Then maybe it will be possible, I thought
                              But how unfortunate
                              This has turned out to be what is called a ‘tanka’ (another form of Japanese poetry)


                              Submission #4
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan

                              - [少女の涙.] -

                              少女の手の中に 小鳥が ぐったり、
                              少女は 小鳥を助けて と 涙する。

                              もう、小鳥は 死んでしまったの!
                              もう、 生きていないのよ!.

                              少女は、お願い 小鳥を助けて あげて !
                              と 涙する。

                              小鳥に息を 吹きかけ 手の中で 温め 祈る。

                              少女の涙が 乾き、笑顔になった。

                              [The Little Girl’s Tears]

                              In the little girl’s hand lies a songbird - limp,
                              The little girl cries please help the little bird.

                              The little bird has just died, you see.
                              It’s not living any more, you know.

                              The little girl cries please please will you help the little bird!

                              She breathes out over the songbird, tries to warm it up in her little palms, and prays.

                              The little bird’s heart starts beating.
                              The little girl’s tears dry up and turn into smiles.


                              Submission #5
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan



                              夏は 母が 汗を 流しながら 磨いていた。
                              この座布団に座って、新聞紙を広げて 磨いていた。

                              今は 私が 汗を 流して 磨いている。
                              この座布団に座って、 新聞紙を広げて 磨いている。

                              仏様の家が ピカピカ光って 心が浄められる
                              母も同じ気持ちで いただろう。

                              Note: ‘Obon Festival’ is the ‘Lantern Festival’, which occurs annually in August to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors.

                              Zabuton (a type of cushion used on tatami flooring)

                              Getting ready for the time of Obon
                              Must polish the Buddhist ornaments on the altar
                              To be done at Obon and New Year’s
                              In the summer, with beads of perspiration, Mother would do the polishing.
                              She would sit on this cushion, spread out old newspapers, and do the polishing.

                              Now I am the one with beads of sweat, doing the polishing.
                              I have spread out the old newspapers and am sitting on this cushion, doing the polishing.

                              The buddhas’ altar shines brightly, and the heart is purified
                              Mother must have felt the same way too.


                              Submission #6
                              Name: Mutsumi Murakami
                              Country: Japan

                              ー 「はなび」 ー

















                              Into the night sky filled with anticipation


                              Soaring up high over an arc


                              Pitter-patter, pitter-patter

                              The nostalgic scent of gunpowder wafting by
                              Smoke that lingers in the night wind

                              Delight, wonder, then smiles, the face, the countenance, the expression
                              All lit up
                              In a moment of celebration

                              Summer draws to a close


                              Submission #7
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan


                              朝焼けの オレンジの 雲
                              朝の 散歩の プレゼント

                              川沿いの 空気をあびて 歩く時
                              川面が 黄色く 照らされて 光る

                              太陽が 高く昇り まわりが すっかり
                              光りに つつまれ 動き出す

                              Morning Colours

                              Clouds of orange at dawn
                              Are the gifts of my morning stroll.

                              When I walk, basking in the air along the riverside,
                              The water’s surface lights up in gold and shimmers.

                              The sun rises up high, and the surroundings – enveloped in it - come alive.


                              Submission #8
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan


                              つゆの 光れし

                              Note: This is a ‘tanka’ poem, which is a short song in 5-7-5-7-7 structure.

                              Morning Dew

                              At dawn
                              The dew of the rainy season
                              On the grass
                              glitters a reflection of me
                              that vanishes by evening


                              Submission #9
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan



                              Note: This is a ‘tanka’ poem, which is a short song in 5-7-5-7-7 structure.

                              Cast-off Shell

                              when one is alive
                              one turns toward the sky
                              continuing to cry
                              and leaves behind an echo
                              cicada’s dry husk


                              Submission #10
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan



                              Note: This is a ‘tanka’ poem, which is a short song in 5-7-5-7-7 structure.

                              Outburst of Cicadas Singing

                              An outburst of cicadas singing
                              Echoing throughout the sky
                              They even come nearby and cry
                              What a noise to speak of!


                              Submission #11
                              Name: Naoko Yamada
                              Country: Japan


                              朝採りの スイカが かよさんに 届いた。
                              かよさんが 私に スイカを くれた。

                              朝採りの生姜が 私に 届いた。
                              私は かよさんに 生姜を あげた。

                              産みたての玉子が 千代ちゃんに 届いた。
                              千代ちゃんが 私に 玉子を くれた。

                              私は 千代ちゃんに スイカと 生姜を あげた。

                              かよさんに 玉子を あげよう!


                              Freshly picked watermelon arrived at Kayo-san’s
                              Kayo-san gave some of the watermelon to me

                              Freshly picked ginger arrived at my place
                              I gave some of the ginger to Kayo-san

                              Freshly laid eggs arrived at Chiyo-chan’s
                              Chiyo-chan gave some of the eggs to me

                              I gave some of the watermelon and ginger to Chiyo-chan

                              I think I’ll give some eggs to Kayo-san!
                              Emiko Hsuen

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                              • poem on Change

                                I am a student of Sifu Diana Regazzoni, Varese, Italy.
                                This is my poem from Italy, on the theme of Changes, in Italian first and then translated in English.
                                It is inspired by my Chi Kung experience with Sifu Wong Kiew Kit in Finale Ligure, Italy, on May 2015.

                                La leggerezza del vento di primavera pervade il mio corpo
                                Il mio cuore si apre sorpreso al respiro nuovo
                                Il peso dell'anima stanca di dolore si allontana in silenzio
                                Mentre splende di luce nuova lo sguardo.

                                The Spring wind lightness comes over my body
                                My surprised heart blooms to the new flow
                                The weight of a tired and grieved soul moves silently away
                                While my look shines with a new light.

                                PATRIZIA MITTIGA