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  • Changes for Life

    Something that comes and goes can be called a change.
    Everything what has a beginning has already an end.
    Thoughts which do not stay the same are also a change.
    Even the joy what you just felt can change suddenly in to a pain.

    But is there really nothing what will stay and is not changeable again?

    • The mind doesn‘t know it.
    • The eyes don’t see it
    • The ears don’t hear it.
    • Also the nose can’t smell it.

    Just if you search deep in your heart you can find what always remains:

    The real you, waiting to be awakened to change the real life for you.


    • The World is crying red tears

      Hello wahnam family,

      I was just lying in my bed and it was around 1am in the night, and I couldn’t sleep.
      Out of recent events around the world, pain was kind of pressuring at my heart and I had do get out of me.
      So I stood up and had to write it down, just for me. And went back to sleep again.
      As I was writing this text at first it didn’t think of the poetry contest at all only as I was almost finished I thought I could share it with u all that way
      I tried to make it a little more poetic, but I know it is not much of a poetry
      None the less hear is my text:

      The World is crying red tears

      I dream of peace, but the World is crying red tears,
      The world is crying red tears because so many Humans can’t look
      over their village,
      over their district
      over their country
      over their continent.
      All boarders should fall,
      one nation survive

      The world is crying red tears because so many Humans can’t see
      that we are all one people
      all connected
      made out of the same flesh and blood
      that we are the same!

      The world is crying red tears because so many Humans can’t see
      That fear and greed closed their eyes a long time ago, instead of seeing the beauty of our world.
      that everyone on this world wants to live in freedom, peace and harmony
      that by looking away they are destroying our wonderful world piece by piece
      so red tears will follow, out of pain & sorrow!

      It’s time for all to brush our red tears away , by doing that we
      can finally see, for the first time of human history
      can open our hearts for everyone
      can smile from our deepest hearts
      can finally understand each other
      can help each other with joy!

      Finally we can all live in FREEDOM, PEACE and HARMONY

      by René Hillbrand


      • "Change is Becoming” by Matthew Wood

        ​Time for another one...

        "Change is Becoming”
        by Matthew Wood

        From beyond the construct of time and space
        Energy flows as the Supreme's grace
        Let go and see your Original Face
        A wondrous gift for the human race

        From stillness, start and let chi flow
        Get out of your way, now just let go
        Allow your energy to grow and flow
        The time for balance you will know

        Cosmos Chi Kung so sublime
        A glorious gift from the Divine
        Beloved Sifu’s teachings shine
        Enhancing lives - ours, yours and mine

        We change, we grow, we are becoming
        We learn, we train, our skill forthcoming
        Expanding awareness, heavenly drumming
        The Shaolin arts profoundly stunning

        by Matthew Wood, September 2015
        With love and Shaolin salute /o

        "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

        Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


        • re: Monkey King is big and free.

          Monday is a day for fun.
          Tuesday I eat rice and Pork.
          Wednesday is timeless and free.
          Thursday is a little day of fun
          Friday. Well i eat rice and pork too.
          Saturday is God.
          Sunday we rest well.


          • Love is change

            How does your life change when you’re in love and feeling free?
            Your heart feels warm and wraps your cherished ones in glowing love
            You fly free like a bird as you day flows by
            The wind is your friend and sets your soul aloft
            As the day ends you know all is alright and life is true and pure
            This will never end like the universe it is forever and was there before
            Love is change, to change is to love.


            • You Wei

              Gallant salutes homage the source
              Guarding emperors before generals
              astride a limber ephemeral course
              Sunken lines would bridge the shock
              Ever closing

              Felling the plum flower blossom
              Spring kicks at chilly dawn
              where horses lead from gables' flotsam
              Kings would turn to stone or flock to
              our stables
              From empires

              By grace pity mercy moved
              Yet by courage balanced yin
              Masters offer void and soothe
              dust motes from eyes erstwhile blocked
              Thusly poise

              Changes will what changes may
              Forever lost and found within
              The endless forge of Wu Wei
              Here and now and then unlocked
              By You Wei
              Sean I.


              • 'Let go, let go let go'

                `Let go, let go let go
                until there’s nothing
                that’s all there is to do
                let go, let go let go
                until there’s nothing to do,
                then there is nothing,
                nothing to let go,
                nothing to do,
                Tim Franklin

                A story of finding Courage and Wisdom

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                • poem from Jude Kessy


                  I = MC2 ; Where
                  I = The human person
                  M = His worldly concern
                  C = His spiritual concern

                  Sum total of person’s potential equals a constant K ,
                  I = MC2 = K .
                  If M >>> c then I = Mc2 = K , Person A
                  If C >>> m then I = mC2 = K , Person B

                  Person A is massive , static , sluggish , a denser conglomeration of atoms .
                  M , his worldly concern overrides his spiritual conern.
                  Person B , approaches pure energy , more fluid , more spiritual.
                  If there is a Gate of Nirvana , made up of a ‘ thin silver foil ‘,
                  Person B has better chances of passing through than Person A ;
                  The latter’s rate of atomic collision , deflection and rebound being greater than the former’s .

                  To enter Nirvana , Person A will have to reincarnate the composition of his ‘ persona-equation ‘ ;
                  to decrease M and increase C . To have more spiritual rather then material interests .
                  This scientific notion , please heed no literal quotation !
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                  Damian Kissey
                  Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


                  • If you can, enjoy the german version. The style is lost in translation..

                    Kannst du es hören?
                    Ich höre nichts.
                    Kannst du es fühlen?
                    Ich fühle nichts.

                    Eine seichte Brise zieht durch die Wiese.
                    Kaum spürbar, doch wunderbar angenehm.

                    Das Säuseln wird stärker und kräuselt das Haar.
                    Staub und Sand tanzen in Figuren übers Land.

                    Manch einer riecht vielleicht den Duft von Abenteuer,
                    Oder des Orients?, eines fernen Kontinents?
                    Nun bläst der Wind reger, lässt die Halme sich wogen, in großen Bögen,
                    Schlussendlich ein Tosen und Toben,
                    Ein entfesseltes Ungeheuer!

                    Hüte fliegen, Vögel nicht mehr,
                    Ebenso Tüten, das Laufen fällt schwer.

                    Die Kanonade beginnt.
                    Die Soldaten drängen voran,
                    Groß, klein, dick und dünn,
                    Getrieben von einer ungeheuren Kraft
                    Sekündlich ändern sie die Richtung,
                    Strömen vorwärts mit Wucht,
                    Stürmen hernieder mit Macht,
                    Mit Eifer eilen sie fort in entladener Wut,
                    Ein Andrang! Ein Prasseln! Ein Heulen!
                    Doch geben sie sich am Bollwerk geschlagen,
                    Zerplatzen, zerfließen in einem Trommelwirbel, vergießen ihr Blut.
                    Die meisten von ihnen werden im Erdreich begraben,
                    Dennoch verebbt nicht die Flut.
                    Dramatisch alles begleitet von Lichteffekten und donnerndem Bass.
                    Welch ein Dröhnen!

                    Die Rettung naht, die Reihen werden durchbrochen,
                    Der Himmel klar auf, der Angriff ist gebrochen.

                    Alles ist nass,
                    Trotzdem hört es auf zu föhnen.

                    Von weiß nach grau,
                    Von grau nach weiß nach blau.

                    Am Ende wieder Stille. Und was kommt dann?
                    Can you hear it?
                    I cannot.
                    Can you feel it?
                    I cannot.

                    A shallow breeze floats over the meadow,
                    Nearly non-noticable but still delightful and pleasant.

                    The whispering grows stronger and curls the hair.
                    Dust and sand dance in figures across the land.

                    One may smell the fragrance of adventure,
                    Or oft the torient?, a far away continent?
                    The wind blows more brisky, makes the stalks welter in large waves
                    Finally a bluster, roaring,
                    An unleashed monster!

                    Hats fly, birds don’t anymore,
                    Bags do, walking gets tough.

                    The cannonade begins.
                    Soldiers push forward,
                    Big, small, thick ad thinn,
                    Driven by an enormous force,
                    Change directions every second,
                    Stream ahead with impact,
                    Surge down down with power.
                    With eagerness they hurry on in a discharged fury,
                    What a rush! What a patter! What a howl!
                    They get worsted on the stronghold,
                    Bursting, deliquesencing in drum roll, shedding their blood.
                    Most oft them are burried in the ground,
                    Yet the flood does not ebb away.
                    Dramatically accompanied by light effects and fulminating bass.
                    What a roar!

                    The rescue is near, the lines are broken,
                    The sky is getting clear, the assault is defeated.

                    Everything is wet,
                    The blowing ends.

                    From white to grey,
                    From grey to white to blue.

                    In the end silence again. And after that?
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                    • Another poem from Jude Kessy , about his tribe , the kadazan-dusuns of Borneo

                      SINAKAGON FROM LIWAN

                      Irreproachable their days waned,
                      Not without those last
                      Scathing words for the children,
                      Who seemed to forget

                      More than what they could
                      Themselves vaguely remember
                      Therein passed mothers and fathers
                      Who toed mountain hobbles,

                      And waded the furious rapids-
                      Their grumbles saved
                      For the unborn children
                      Whose fate to raise an unborn nation.

                      Countable their days waned,
                      Not without wary
                      Eyes squaring the future –
                      Turbulently turned and tossed

                      The old ways that served them well :
                      They hosted Kings’ and Sultans’ emissaries ,
                      Mat Salleh , pink-skinned tuans ,
                      And cold bushido-warriors …

                      Irretrievable their days waned,
                      Without written power , their voices
                      Fell by the wayside , shyed by
                      An awesome revolution of

                      Minds and methods unpouring
                      Its might before their bamboo doors…
                      Hesitantly they took up the yoke ,
                      Savage animals they supposedly were ,

                      They ploughed their humble fields,
                      And sprouted a new generation ,
                      Grappling but surely a new journey .
                      Someday , godwilling , we shall overcome .

                      NB: “Sinakagon” is kadazan-dusun for “Kindred” and Liwan is their ancestral village .This poem is about the times and changes facing the kadazan tribe of Borneo from ancient times , headhunting days , colonial era , WW2 , leading to post war independence and the present times . Attached group foto from 1938 ( Jude’s grandparents couple extreme left standing ), our late father as a boy ( one of Sifu’s first student in Borneo ) sitting second from right . And Sifu in full kadazan attire. BTW all footnotes and accompanying pictures to Jude's poems are added by myself .
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                      Damian Kissey
                      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


                      • Zen , Change , You wei and wu wei

                        Zen : Just Be , or Not To Be

                        Cat eats rat, naturally
                        Wolves crush bones
                        Gulls fly south in winter
                        Elephants amok if provoked

                        Tigers roar , snake hiss
                        Grunting boar , swerving fish
                        Crickets chirp , chickens cluck
                        Swaying trees , flowing breeze

                        Side-crawling crabs , segmented worm
                        Beetle buzz , magic mushroom
                        Parasite fungi , symbiotic bacteriae
                        Amoeba dance , viral flare

                        Durian aroma , floral plethora
                        Fauna flora , terra and aqua
                        Singing angels , dancing fairies
                        Spinning atoms and spiral galaxies

                        But man ?
                        Forever worrying
                        Intellectualizing and joyless,
                        loitering in countless cycles of Samsara…..
                        Attached Files
                        Damian Kissey
                        Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


                        • What really changes?
                          What really changes?
                          Is it the caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly, full of elegance?
                          Or is it the mountains, strong and sturdy?
                          Strong and sturdy as a rock?

                          What really changes?
                          Is it the seasons, which turn green and red and green again?
                          Or is it the skies, infinitely vast?
                          Infinitely vast and eternally blue?

                          What really changes?
                          Is it each new day, newer than the last?
                          Or is it the Tao, the same for all things?
                          The same for all things and for all time?


                          In this poem, I try to invite the reader to contemplate on the things we normally associate with change, such as a caterpillar or the seasons in a year. Are they really changing? Or is it simply a temporary change, in a cyclic fashion, continuously repeating itself for as long as we exist?

                          What about the things that seem forever unchanging, such as a mountain which shifts over millions of years, permanently alters the landscape of our planet?

                          Are we really changing? Or are we just like the seasons, making a big leap forward, and then several steps back to where we were again?


                          • DragonPaint.jpgThis is just a fun piece of poetry I tried to write. It is a "freestyle" piece of literature, not fixed to any number of syllables, rhyming patterns, and bears no particular symbolic meaning. I am also trying to implement a sort of pseudo-personification technique where I capitalise some words to make them feel like characters in my story, such as Good Health, whom we all certainly welcome. The overall feel is inspired by the "auspicious writings" of the older golden eras of China, filled with imagery of prosperous times, grand beasts, and grander heroes

                            Wondrous occasion, the Tiger roars
                            Lion and Dragon dance
                            To herald in Good Health
                            Happiness and Prosperity ensue

                            Heroes from North and South
                            Esteemed and Chivalrous
                            Come together to celebrate
                            Peace among all peoples

                            Good Food and Merriment
                            Gongs, Flute and Drums
                            Ring sweetly through the air
                            Let us welcome Changing Times

                            Image taken from Chile Doctor,
                   - Happy (Chinese) New Year! Time for Some Chinese Goodies - 3rd February 2011

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                            • "Change" by Saskia Wood

                              I'd like to include a poem written by my 10 year old daughter Saskia which she wrote unsolicited when I told her I was submitting a poem myself.

                              "Change" by Saskia Wood

                              Change can be a tricky thing
                              Not something that can be organised
                              Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad
                              You can build your future and reality
                              It's not all down to fate!
                              Just use your mind and energy
                              And learn to recreate
                              The past is past
                              But now is present
                              Use your wisdom to
                              Learn how to deal with change

                              "Change" by Saskia Wood Age 10, September 2015
                              With love and Shaolin salute /o

                              "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                              Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


                              • "What is Change?” by Matthew Wood

                                Deadline approaching... so here's another...

                                "What is Change?” by Matthew Wood

                                Change goes in cycles, some say, but
                                I wonder what change really means?
                                To really know change
                                Do I need a start and an end?
                                What if there is no start and there is no end?
                                What changes then?
                                If there is just being, what changes when?
                                From no-change to change
                                From change to no-change
                                Is this a start and that an end?
                                Or this an end and that a start?
                                Or an eternal continuum
                                Universes apart?
                                If being is changeless
                                Is change then being-less?
                                I’m open to changing my ideas about change

                                By Matthew Wood, September 2015
                                With love and Shaolin salute /o

                                "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                                Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.