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    Spiritual Journey of Change

    We come into this world full of change
    That sometimes really seems just strange

    On a fresh morning with meadows glistening full of silver light
    We realise, our spirit may ascend to the farthest hight

    First, we need to execute our daily exercise
    And only then our soul will arise

    Looking up we watch something cruising across the sky
    There are fleecy cloulds to which we say bye bye

    We let go of absolutely everything
    and listen to the peace within

    We smile from the heart and have a cosmic shower straight away
    To the deeply holistic effect there is just nothing to say

    The impact on body and soul is so profound
    It gives our being the most solid ground

    We see through all the things there are with our clarity of mind
    enligthement lets us understand everything that lies behind

    The seasons quickly change and over time we grow old
    In our hearts, the secrets and joys of life we hold


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      The 5 Seasons of Life

      Here now

      ‘Tis Winter, the Night of gestation : the Void begets one which grows from two in a Watery world
      Morning brings the birth of Spring : rapid ring after Wood-rings grows the child
      Midday simmerings of Summer : in prime Fire of adulthood

      Afternoon maturing in Late Summer : ripened Earth-bound midlife elder
      Evening comes the Fall : of aged Steel yet sage of Autumn
      Death angels come beckoning : unto Emptiness one dissolves again , to the

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      Damian Kissey
      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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        A poem from Jude Kissey

        Skyline in minor

        Joyous the peace binds
        Trumpets the notes rescind
        The sea a question

        The waves retreat
        Lisping bluish
        Finally questions aweary
        Founding no bed to rest
        Share the nature of surf ebbing

        NB: this poem was inspired from earlier years in Melbourne and later years living by the beach near Kota Kinabalu
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        Damian Kissey
        Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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          another poem from Jude Kissey penned in 1984


          Where the crags break , the breeze
          Took advantage , slipped into land;
          Tracing where layers of temperature
          Slightly vary there she cautiously dally.

          Now and then rushing where barometrics
          Differ too sharply , inhabits thin air,
          Stirs nervous alarm in leaves sudden
          Flutterings from disturbed passage .

          Do I feel what thermos of cold , warmth,
          Or dry omen in winds aimless sojourn ?
          Do I taste what residue sweet , bitter
          Or rancid culminate from this strange unease ?

          Do I perceive what vision beckon , forbid,
          Or forewarn correctly this ethereal borne ?
          Tautly these elements extreme profound ,
          What atmosphere skyline endorse , redefine .

          Do I smell what waff of fish , seaweeds ,
          Or barnacles stranded in tide's ebb ?
          Do I hear what strains of child , woman ,
          Or man dialogue from cliffs below obscured ?

          Faintly these elements sediment ,
          Graduating in stops and starts ,
          Formed a pregnant unity heralding
          What earth skyline enclose , engender ...

          It is only the sky really , the sky and I ,
          Unto every acre a boundary ,
          Every sky a horizon . As with each
          Acre alongside another acre.

          So each sky another sky abounds .
          And so it is , that the finiteness of
          The now should open into an
          Infinity of there forever after .
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          Damian Kissey
          Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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            poem by Jude Kissey partly inspired by man's pioneer space explorations and ET life

            LIGHT SPEED

            Adrift in an ocean
            Of timelessness
            All sails on full billow
            Catching the winds of opportunity
            Riding the good forcastes
            Of the Master

            Trading charts of new novaes
            Dynasties of galactic surveyors
            Earthbound their pledges sway
            Loyal souls forever burn
            Across the Milky Way
            Feeling through corridors
            Of unknown beacons guiding

            A chorus of nostalgia
            Pinches an hour glass
            As all climaxes abate
            Into womb of seas swirling
            To reach for the furthest
            Yonder that recedes closest
            All articles and episodes
            Of maxims diminishing
            Adrift in the currents of
            Where here it began
            An event not new but a
            Duplication of many selves
            Through a passage of being
            Trajecting many light aeons

            With bravest care
            Pioneer F-choes down
            The swells of stellar tide
            A violin in thin space
            A circade in an oases
            Of star clusters :

            Eternity is a crystal prism
            That tumbles in the sun
            Simmering briefly spectrums
            The fades a transparency
            May God speed
            Enlighten .

            NB : In 1970s humans start to send unmanned spacecrafts ( starting with Pioneer F , later called Pioneer 10 and again later the Voyagers probes etc ) to explore the fringes of our solar system and beyond. On behest of Dr Carl Sagan ( scientist , author and astronomer etc ) a special plaque with special codes as in attached picture was put on the 1 st probe ie Pioneer F just in case it is found by extra-terrestrial intelligence .....those were exciting ( still now ) times of space exploration , of existential questions , of SETI , questions about big bang and God and metaphorical interpretations of Creation stories....I let you wonder
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            Damian Kissey
            Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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              A poetic representation of Form, Skill, Technique, and Philosophy

              Land on an errant thought
              Which confusion wrought
              Ditch, not for you to keep
              In written verses we seek
              For hidden means of introspection
              Losing ourselves to attain cultivation
              Using insight for creating an escapade
              Here I throw this koan dart for you to evade
              Dare not to grasp, lest you lose the cloud
              Will you even read this or just think ALOUD?
              Still your mind, for the sages say:
              When true art shows the way
              Then the mind does not
              And the heart woes not
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                Changing it up, change nothing at all

                A poem on change
                Formulaic and clear.
                No zen.
                A beautiful poem
                With images dear...
                No again.
                No poem at all,
                The thoughts disappear!
                Wherefore then?
                A rabbit, a turtle, a fox, and a deer!
                Zen, zen, zen, zen, zen, zen, zen!


                • #98
                  Breathing, enjoy

                  Take a deep breath.
                  There is something about breathing - the way your abdomen rises and falls.
                  The path that it flows – gentle awareness.
                  The process of exchange that happens, to allow you to keep breathing - to stay alive.

                  Breathe out.
                  Feel the moment slow down, heighten your senses, realize the stillness.
                  Realize there is no real need to rush.
                  Right now, you are here.

                  Enjoy the flow of Life.

                  In this moment,
                  you are breathing,
                  you are alive
                  and you are in the center of quiet bliss.

                  It is beautiful. This simple process we so often take for granted - Breathing.

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                    Changes are like gravity -
                    A rule we all must obey.

                    They might tear us down,
                    With no wings to fly
                    Or let us float along the way.

                    With all the weight we carry along
                    It might not always seem fair,
                    But still -
                    Without change or gravity,
                    Intentions wouldn't take us anywhere.
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                    • Still working on it

                      Crystal water everywhere
                      Not a self to perceive
                      Blinding, flashing, waves of light
                      I fall in
                      Visitation with the mind
                      Realizations to impart
                      Everything a lesson
                      New sight despite renewed life
                      The road is eternal
                      Life happens now


                      • Unpreventable Transformation

                        A wailing, transformed chorus of winds and the million aching howls of the planets and sky
                        reject the revocation of this journey’s course and titan purport,
                        lest the cosmos be denied the violent sunburst of its satisfaction
                        and fulfillment of the duty both creator-bound and indivisibly psychic in its raging will.

                        That the weightless, rocketing, betrayer-breath of life be barred from quitting its temple hold
                        before the yoke of will is leveraged in the subjugation of its dynamo thunder,
                        to rend the veil and open the way for a cessation of the wheel’s sundering operation;
                        leaving behind a verisimilitude of dutiful completion, and the succor of purpose actualized.

                        Mountain View, Sunset (detail), 1865, Albert Bierstadt.
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                        • Butterfly, butterfly,
                          wait patiently to arise.
                          Wiggling in your cocoon with your limbs all askew
                          will not make your wings bloom any faster.
                          Just before you were known as a caterpillar,
                          yet here you are morphing into something secret and grand!
                          The day will come when you’ll burst forth boldly,
                          taking flight over stern mountains and wily rivers.
                          Your critter friends will then all ask, “How did you do it?
                          You once crawled around like us
                          And now you wear the wind as a cape.
                          Please tell us, Butterfly, how did you do it?”
                          “I stayed still, brothers! I stayed still and now I am free.
                          Watch as I mambo with the daffodils.”
                          Dancing on the flowers, your gentle soaring
                          will delight the hearts of all others.
                          So stay still, butterfly,
                          serene until your time arises.
                          Love, and do what you will.

                          - St. Augustine


                          • "Changing Beliefs" by Matthew Wood

                            It was wonderful to read that we can submit more than one poem, so here is another one from me.

                            Changing Beliefs by Matthew Wood

                            "Who am I?”, I ask myself
                            I used to think I knew
                            Now I'm not so very sure
                            Since my boundary grew

                            I thought I was quite solid
                            Like everything I knew
                            But now I find I'm made of space
                            Solidity's not true

                            Am I an individual or
                            Part of a greater whole?
                            Perhaps I'm both and even more
                            To know's a worthy goal

                            Or am I just a hologram
                            Projected on the Field?
                            For my perceived reality
                            It certainly feels real

                            And if I knew this, would it matter
                            Or make a difference to me?
                            Would my dreams at last be shattered?
                            My ego can wait and see

                            Whatever reality really is
                            Intelligent and wise
                            Conscious life is here and now
                            Buckle up, enjoy the ride!

                            by Matthew Wood
                            September 2015
                            With love and Shaolin salute /o

                            "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                            Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


                            • "Change is Certain” by Matthew Wood

                              And another one. :-)

                              Change is Certain by Matthew Wood

                              Only change is certain
                              Someone wisely said
                              If our life force didn't flow
                              We'd certainly be dead

                              by Matthew Wood
                              September 2015
                              With love and Shaolin salute /o

                              "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                              Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


                              • Two dollars, perhaps ten?

                                Hi all,
                                I have come up with a poem on the topic of change, but it may not be what some of us expect

                                All around the world when
                                The word "change" is uttered
                                The people say "Amen!"
                                "Be better!" they hooted

                                How about the poor, then?
                                Sick, needy who've suffered
                                Dig meals from a trash can
                                We look on, disgusted

                                My dear sibling and friend,
                                Please look on, unflustered
                                I bid you, take your hand
                                Dig into your pocket

                                Two dollars, perhaps ten?
                                A week they have fasted
                                So press into their hand
                                Change, and goodwill offered!

                                Well, admittedly the theme is "changes" and not "change", but let me have some fun okay
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