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    Joy inside out

    Originally posted by Dalta View Post
    Quand je regardais dans le miroir
    Je na pas comme ce que je vois
    Je voulais à éradiquer parties de moi
    Et même les bits qui me plaisaient
    Je pensais ne devriez pas être là
    Parce que je ne peux pas être aimé

    Et puis je pris un autre regard
    À qui m'a été
    Qui est moi?
    Et ce qui est différent
    est moi
    When I looked in the mirror
    I didn't like what I see
    I wanted to eradicate parts of me
    And even the bits that I liked
    I thought shouldnt be there
    Because I cant be liked

    And then I took another look
    At who was me
    Who is me?
    And whats different
    is me


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      Growing up

      Originally posted by Dalta View Post
      mes petits garçons
      une fois que vous étiez mes bébés
      et vous avez toujours souri
      et maintenant vous êtes petits hommes
      qui ne peuvent pas être gardés à l'intérieur

      maintenant vous utilisez votre propre cuillère
      et danser avec votre propre lune
      peut le soleil briller sur vous
      mes fils chéris
      my small child
      once you were my baby
      and you always smiled
      and now you are a little man
      who cannot be kept inside

      now you use your own spoon
      and dance with your own moon
      may the bright sun shine on
      you my darling sons


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        The Will To Change

        I am submitting my brother's ( Jude Kessy ) poem below on his behalf .

        THE WILL

        Often I wish to write an innocuous verse
        Yet often I turn too serious and terse

        Often I wish to speak soft , pick no bone
        Yet often I call too hard , too heavy a tone

        Truly it is not barren this heart
        Simply a matter - to restrain or to impart ?
        Damian Kissey
        Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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          One Generation Changing to the Next

          Another poem from Jude Kessy..


          Mr. Chong is old,
          With two sons of energies bold;
          They quarreled times untold.

          Mr. Kay , a neighbor , is ten years older .
          A bachelor , a retired soldier ,
          The two boys found in him a father .

          Now one day , the older ran away ;
          The younger to school the next day;
          Caught by monsoon drenched he swears .

          While Mr. Kay to town he drove,
          Spotted the boy's darkly shove ,
          Stopped the car , come in ! he coughed .

          In the car the young boy warms ,
          Mr. Kay pleases him more than home ;
          That morning with his father another storm.

          That old man will always be a snap .
          When will he learn , that ' clap trap' ?
          Sympathetic , Mr. Kay explains generation gap.

          The young man noted this gentleman's words.
          Into a young heart , the hopes he hoards .
          It is good , when young and old , share the load !
          Damian Kissey
          Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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            This is a poem in my own language, Dutch.

            It is similar as my earlier poem from post #25, but different.
            But it contains the same essence.

            Een pure eerlijke glimlach

            Vanuit je hart

            Simpel maar niet gemakkelijk

            Toch is dit de start, het begin

            Om door te breken


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              Riding the Tiger

              Two extremes

              From one to the other

              Back and forth

              Fusing one another

              Two becomes One


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                from wuji to taiji
                spontaneous it flows

                from one leg to the other
                continuous it goes

                sink even deeper
                reach down to new lows

                from above it all comes
                and down it all goes

                stay at the center
                and charge all those bows

                unlock all the gates
                and take down those foes


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                  As the light fades in the sky
                  stillness and peace
                  only the leaves in the trees
                  make some noise.

                  Who would have thought
                  this is where I'll be
                  lost and lonely I was
                  looking for you.

                  Now my home is full of noise and love
                  can't believe how it used to be.

                  Lifting the sky
                  so grateful
                  Bowing down
                  so happy.

                  Nessa Kahila
                  Shaolin Nordic Finland



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                    Flowing Beauty

                    Tai chi begins when you breathe in and out
                    Expand your dan tian and let your chi flow
                    Extreme shen awakens movement that is forceful yet filled with compassion and love
                    Be confident in your power

                    Press and strike with the combat sequence that you adore
                    1,2,3,4, your opponent is on the floor and now this fight is no more
                    Now put out your humble hand and thank your friendly foe
                    For giving you the opportunity to give Tai Chi Chuan the beauty it upholds


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                      Yet another poem from Jude Kessy

                      FALLEN ANGELS

                      It is strange to reason
                      That ye fall from treason
                      When all created in God's image
                      Error mirrors the creator's gauge

                      Divine wisdom rights the wrongs
                      Sublime kingdoms enlighten strong
                      Perpetual nations just governments
                      Spiritual scions entrust Covenants

                      It is strange to learn
                      We bear crosses not from Satan
                      Hell on Earth mortal self damnation
                      Infernal Holocausts homo-termination

                      It is not strange therefore to treason
                      Tales of disgruntled angels' poor reason
                      For His Image ye seek - crucify another
                      Brother , sister , father and mother

                      To salvation of our humankind
                      Save first the Spirit of thy own godmind
                      Empathy enriches thy own goodoffice
                      And as thou think and speak so practice

                      This Way bring the heavens closer
                      That may yet permit angels to foster
                      Having fallen broken awashed ashore
                      May shew their faces once more !
                      Damian Kissey
                      Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                        Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                        Here is a little poem written from Madrid before heading to Ireland :-)


                        With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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                          What a Man Can Ask

                          Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                          Here is another little contribution using univocal poetry. In this case only "A" has been used.

                          What can a man ask?
                          That's a hard task

                          That man has a past
                          and acts fast as a blast.

                          As that man walk a talk
                          Casts far all that was dark.

                          As gas can pass that glass
                          That man sang all that jazz.

                          Watch that swan flap far
                          Wants a grassland and a path.

                          That man starts Ramadan
                          And at dawn at Allah sang.

                          That man calls that past.
                          Stands calm and acts fast.

                          What can a man ask?
                          That man saw that vast.

                          With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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                            Here it comes

                            Dear Shaolin Wahnam family,

                            Here comes my limerick, since it was in beautiful Ireland where I have been given this oportunity to study with Sifu. Enjoy

                            There’s an ancient art called Qi Gong
                            False master like teaching it wrong
                            Join a genuine school
                            Follow the three golden rules
                            And you’ll live happy, healthy and long
                            .•´¯`•.¸¸.•´¯`°irene°´¯`•.¸¸. ´¯`•.

                            “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”


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                              A Positive Change

                              Hello Shaolin Wahnam Family,

                              Here is my entry for the poetry contest, I hope you all enjoy it!

                              A Positive Change

                              When I was a child I was afraid of ghosts,
                              Nervous and wary, I'd approach the dark fearfully.
                              Things that weren't familiar scared me the most,
                              I'd imagine the worst and expect it tearfully.

                              As I got older I'd pretend to be brave,
                              An adult now so nothing could phase me,
                              But every so often I could feel that small wave,
                              Bringing back thoughts of silly possibilities.

                              By chance or by faith call it what you may,
                              I encountered and learned an art that brought joy.
                              I knew something had changed within me from the very first day,
                              I smiled and relaxed and my spirit began to fly.

                              I began to learn more and research and train,
                              There was just so much I wanted to do!
                              I couldn't get it fast enough into my brain,
                              My two greatest passions, Chi Kung and Kung Fu!

                              Now I am the girl with a smile from ear to ear,
                              I cherish these arts and all of their teachings.
                              I have let go of any doubts or fears,
                              And now when I think of ghosts I just send them blessings.


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                                The Process is Revealed

                                "The Process is Revealed"

                                The days flow, one into another,
                                every dawn ripe with potential.

                                Heart blooming with compassion and life,
                                the world's beauty is all around me.

                                My eyes sparkle with life and laughter,
                                reflecting the joy within my heart.

                                Unavoidable change manifests,
                                Suddenly, I start to understand.

                                A clear path open in front of me,
                                the direction guided by my choice.

                                I arrive here, fresh, as a new man,
                                my decisions will shape my future,

                                With a focused mind, the choice is clear,
                                one way forward, I choose happiness.