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    What change is greater than Life and Death?

    Sing to me oh lovely muse!
    Sing to me a tale of life and death
    Sing to me a tale of Good and Evil
    Sing to me a tale of victory!

    In an epic age of Sorcerers and Kings
    an evil Dragon was fought and slain
    by the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs
    With a great sword made from the ore
    at the core of Middle Earth.

    What fate brought those together
    who have warred through the ages?
    What fate has sung through the souls
    of those who triumphed courageous?

    That sword of fate which conquered all
    passed down through the aeons.
    Used by those great heroes of old
    who even legend has long forgotten.
    A weapon which old Hrothgar would envy.

    Naegling, old and gray yet shining bright
    Slicing through endless shades of night
    Piercing forth to the infinite fight
    Rending the fates of all who wield
    into pieces which were left far afield

    What fate has kept the light astray
    from seeking that truth of victory?
    What fate held such deep confidence
    misplaced in the worst of ways?

    The nameless White Wizard, from a moment
    far beyond the ancient myths of Isengard
    rode far and wide collecting the oaths.
    Such was it written of the end times,
    when even the Sun would hide its eyes.

    Oaths given, promises kept, armies marching,
    Trumpets sounding, horses stomping, life
    giving of itself again to stave off death.
    A decay of all that lives and suffers, yet
    endures, never defeated, never hopeless.

    What fate has caused this monstrosity
    to rise, rising into the world of life?
    What fate did send to balance the tide
    Ebb and Flow of darkness and light!

    This ancient beast born before the dawn
    of time, a celestial horror which has given
    even the bravest of warriors a deadly
    fright, perched atop the highest mountain
    gazing upon the world, a meal sublime...

    Nidhoggr who broke forth from the roots
    imprisoned beneath The Tree of Life
    found itself a moments respite
    by which revenge could be ripped
    from the hearts of mankind.

    What fate has brought these armies
    from far and wide, marching onward
    to their certain doom with even stride.
    Closer to the great mountain they ride
    a battle by which the world may die

    The White Wizard rode into the deep
    Cavern of Souls, into the nether core,
    an acrid trench which claims all in
    the end. Deeper and deeper to find
    what may mend the balance again

    Trials three to unravel destiny.
    Three task beyond logic and reason.
    Infernal tasks; bittersweet harmony:

    Facing the Truth
    Slaying the Shadow
    Retrieving the Star

    What fate will keep the rising
    dread from this tale of ages?
    What fate follows this Wizard
    driving him to c'thonic madness?

    Truth of life, truth of death
    Truth of light, truth of dark
    Truth of bliss, truth of pain
    A boundless truth.
    The Sight of All that is.
    This Wizard saw the truth and wept...

    Down further, deeper, colder, darker
    The Shadow of all Shadows, a form
    familiar, yet horrible in its inspiration
    The White Wizard saw his own face
    The Black Wizard smiled gently

    Strike for Strike, blow for blow
    Power for Power, a battle raged on
    Cosmic forces clashing, opposites
    rejecting, reality crashing.
    The Black Wizard smiled gently...

    Neither can live while the other thrives.

    A bitter triumph creates a broken spirit
    yet this spirit fights on! To the core
    of Middle Earth the Wizard arrives!

    A sight seen beyond all beauty
    A fair Star slumbering, waiting, dreaming.
    This Star's beauty unmatched, her form
    wavering in the illumination of his staff,
    bosom rising and falling with every breath.

    The Wizard sat enchanted and heartbroken.
    How can she be the key?

    Awakened this star did, she gazed upon
    him, a single tear fell from her eyes as
    her destiny was to now die.
    A death to bring life.
    A key to victory.
    An end to this Draconic strife.

    Their hearts intertwined, this lonely
    Star felt herself become cold and gray.
    An adamantine metal she became.

    Merged with the shadow, forged by
    the Truth. Naegling was born.

    Wielding his love this Wizard
    rode forth, from the darkness
    into the light he soared.
    Towards the great mountain
    to vanquish that evil forevermore.

    What fate has brought this end?
    What fate has brought this end?

    The armies clashed with Nidhoggr
    It's mighty breath scorched the ground
    It's mighty claws sundered their armor
    It's mighty teeth devoured them alive
    What fate hath given them no hope to survive?

    At long last the Wizard had arrived!
    Naegling shining so incredibly bright
    Towards the great beast he rode
    Thrusting the mighty sword into
    the heart of his greatest foe!

    A keening sound of life and death
    sounded forth, stopping every breath
    All looked on in horror and awe
    As this mighty dragon devoured
    the Wizard into its gaping maw

    Together they were pulled back
    into the realm of the roots, a prison
    where together they shall dwell.
    Yet a victory it was for without
    his star, any place is a living hell.

    Naegling, the Star Sword fell
    down to the scorched ground
    and among the armies they saw
    a faint tear glistening down
    the blade, as if saying,
    So long... My love....So long......

    Reverently they placed the sword
    away, deep in the fortress of Hygelac
    to be passed to the next hero
    that will come to save the day....
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    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".


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      Here goes... something

      A happy tiger crouches atop the lone mountain
      Surrounded by eternity
      His eyes frozen, his mouth gapes
      staring into the blinding, deafening emptiness
      Before him lies the call
      His destined future
      His choice
      Behind him are the countless selves
      The illusory phantoms
      His past
      But the tiger stands frozen in flow
      Penetrating stillness
      Neither a tiger before
      Nor a tiger to be
      The change is this moment
      Not one moment more
      The tiger is free

      The tiger is me


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        Change Poetry competition

        Thank you for this wonderful forum and for this chance to enter this competition. This is my first post on the forum, so here goes my entry!

        In the Kerry Kingdom
        We are graced by Sigung
        And the treasures he's brought
        That's given us lots of fun

        Many have asked
        What's the change
        What have you done
        My answer is simply
        I've do qigong

        Qigong can bring you places
        you'd never have gone
        without packing any suitcase
        Just daily qigong

        Simple instructions
        To smile and don't worry
        To live by Shaolin laws
        Will metamorphose
        Those flaws in a hurry.

        A humble change
        With trusting belief
        Is yours to be had
        From Shaolin Wahnam Qigong
        And the very wonderful
        Grandmaster Wong


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          Spring is hear

          Oh spring is here now let’s not fear
          The beautiful sun and life covers all that’s ripe

          We see the beauty of nature at its finest
          When lambs appear and adhere to their mothers bleep and fear

          The flowers they bud and sway with beauty
          The birds they sing and proclaim nature’s truth and fury

          Now sit and smell and feel the earth’s fine fruit and hear it sing
          and rejoice now that its spring again and winters mourning.


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            The Master

            Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

            This poem is dedicated to Sifu and to all the Sifus in the school. I am sure that all the students feel very grateful for having a Sifu in their lives. :-)

            A Sifu accompanies the student and leads him to the very best version of himself. For that and for many other things I feel very grateful to Sifu. Thank you for accompanying me in my journey and for always helping and taking such a good care of me.

            I hope you all enjoy the poem. I took the freedom of putting some music to it. :-)

            With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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              The sun rises on another day,
              after the stillness of night
              my mind is alive.
              My body,
              unable now to revive
              itself with its old
              is slow to obey.
              But the memory of repetition
              allows it finally
              catch up and
              both mind and body connect.
              Ready again to bespeak the hospitable day.


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                I love winter

                Winter is here oh god do I fear
                No I say to you
                Get out of your bed and don’t cover your head
                Just enjoy the mornings due

                Let the grace of god flow through and you surely won’t get flu
                Enjoy the sounds of rain and hail
                Smile at the wind as it blows past your face
                Embrace the cold and you will behold all the beauty winter has to offer

                Winter is here oh god do I fear
                Definitely not I’ll get my pot and fill it of fine stew
                We’ll have a feast and toast our feet and embrace our life
                And know all will be alright.

                Beautiful winter is here
                Beautiful winter is here


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                  Sudden, Inevitable, Beautiful Change

                  What is this wonderful life we have for
                  If we never do choose to arrive
                  To merely gaze upon the opposite shore
                  To live but never to thrive

                  Princes, nations, the stars in the skies
                  Full of devices are all
                  Every new moment they seek to arise
                  The next they mightily fall

                  Many refuse the road that they pave
                  Resisting the powerful tide
                  They blind their hearts to the karmic wave
                  And forever in it abide

                  But how terrible can the weight truly be
                  Of ten trillion eons of night
                  All of their tonnage wiped out instantly
                  By the presence of one single light
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                    Awagawan : The Cycles of Coming and Going


                    intoxicating daily routine
                    comes haunting ,
                    awesome reminiscences:
                    whence came we from ?
                    Whatever are we?
                    Whither will we go ?

                    Ephemeral life ,
                    infinite options come to mind,
                    incarcerating birth
                    in-a-finite life span death must come!
                    Resolute , I live this life
                    and throw my fate
                    to the windmills of Karma.
                    Damian Kissey
                    Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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                      Smile from the Heart

                      Smile from the Heart

                      Sometimes it can be Hard

                      Yet this is the very Start

                      To Cultivate an Art

                      The Grand Ultimate Part

                      To Realize Everlasting Peace and Happiness for all People

                      From the Heart


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                        Changing the heart

                        On your way to Sukhavati
                        Changes happens in your heart
                        There is no more that important
                        With the nice house and good car

                        When you start from the beginning
                        Empty your mind, empty cup
                        Listen carefully the teachings
                        Train delightedly without stop

                        It doesn`t matter who is winning
                        If the journey leads to stars
                        We are all brothers in practice
                        Our arts - so great they are

                        Step by step in every morning
                        Smile from your heart and let go
                        Do the same thing in the evening
                        Enjoy blessings and chi flow

                        Thank you Sigung for your teachings
                        They are priceless - every art
                        Thank you Sifu for inviting
                        And for changing my bad heart.


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                          Quand je regardais dans le miroir
                          Je na pas comme ce que je vois
                          Je voulais à éradiquer parties de moi
                          Et même les bits qui me plaisaient
                          Je pensais ne devriez pas être là
                          Parce que je ne peux pas être aimé

                          Et puis je pris un autre regard
                          À qui m'a été
                          Qui est moi?
                          Et ce qui est différent
                          est moi


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                            Petit garcons

                            mes petits garçons
                            une fois que vous étiez mes bébés
                            et vous avez toujours souri
                            et maintenant vous êtes petits hommes
                            qui ne peuvent pas être gardés à l'intérieur

                            maintenant vous utilisez votre propre cuillère
                            et danser avec votre propre lune
                            peut le soleil briller sur vous
                            mes fils chéris


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                              My first experience of Chi Kung

                              Fly, fly, up in the sky,
                              Over the mountain up so high,
                              light and easy like a butterfly.

                              Moving and feeling so free,
                              sparkling and happy as can be.
                              Skipping and laughing,
                              Clapping and jumping,
                              The vibration of the earth to be one,
                              You would not think it can be done.

                              Your hands carry the moon,
                              makes you feel in stillness giving birth to earth soon.
                              What a deep and wonderful healing can take place,
                              Only if we can let go and have faith.

                              Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Sifu, Sigung and all the past masters.



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                                The Scholar Warrior

                                The scholar warrior life I love
                                Holding my sword to serve god above
                                Fighting for peace throughout our fair land
                                And standing my ground against tyrant and fad

                                Holding the hand of my love as I smile
                                Giving gods breath to all I hold loyal
                                Touching the wind as it blows past my face
                                And feeling and loving the entire human race