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I Am Proud to Be a Student of Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia

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    I am proud and extremely grateful to be a student of Sifu, Grandmaster Wong.

    Sifu is ever giving and forgiving, with great wisdom. His actions, words and thoughts bring profound benefits to all.




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      My view about Sigung

      Happy and Prosperous New Year to All.

      After having taken 2 classes and having various yet minimal correspondences with Grandmaster Wong,I am giving my frank and honest opinion of him…to which none may agree with.But all that I state is all I believe about him.And I am leaving aside about the countless people he has helped in teaching these arts…including myself as among them.

      He has touched and merged with the Void several times on several occasions.He has had glimpses of cosmic transcendental reality.He has witnessed and interacted with high spiritual entities on a basis that would seem regular.He has dispered clouds.Healed people from afar.He stopped rain.Rebuilt sets of long lost classics of kung fu and chi kung.Done what most would only dream of,and what some couldn’t even fathom.Traveled around the world several times over,while maintaining a healthy family life(both with his immediate family and the SWI).In my opinion,worked tirelessly to transmit,again my viewpoint, among the most powerful,most refined and the most effective systems of self defense,energy work and spiritual cultivation IN EXISTENCE,to the point where not only does his teaching refine itself,but,and I could almost swear blindly to this,the skills he transmits EVOLVE THEMSELVES.Arts and skills that were practiced by high,HIGH LEVEL masters and GENIUSES,PRODIGIES AND DOWN RIGHT ANOMALIES…are now INSTITUTIONALIZED.When the man says “Ridiculous” or “at the amusement stage”,he meant it…I’m not even at basic adept level,I have only recently had serious CORRECT practice…and to me,it is a beautiful dilemma to have to choose what to practice now.

      There are pieces of advice and wisdom in the vids I have that I discard,in my ignorance,to only see their truths FAR LATER…at times IN A TIMELY FASHION WHEN I NEEDED THEM MOST.

      Frankly,in my most honest opinion about him, extrapolating it with what I have come to believe,he doesn’t have to teach anyone anymore.He could,I believe,go right to Ultimate Reality,to never return and,in my honest opinion,have no negative backlash or impact on his spiritual development.Just simply quit,go and never come back.

      By that thinking,I believing that he is CHOOSING TO STAY…out of compassion,which is even confirmed by Wong Chun Nga’s heartfelt and heart rending letter.And what little I have seen from him,and was taught by various sources,including my dearest friends and loved ones,is the lesson that COMPASSION WITHOUT WISDOM IS ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS.By that lesson,I also believe that Sigung simply wouldn’t have THAT MUCH COMPASSION,especially to STAY BEHIND,without an equivalent level of wisdom being hand-in-glove together.

      Even if I were to disagree with him on certain things(admittedly there were times I came close…)I would simply say in my heart,”He has cosmic wisdom.He’s seeing something I don’t.Or operating on a level I’m not seeing.”

      I,for one,feel extremely lucky to not only learn from him,but also what I learned from him.

      So,I do say,yes,I am proud and honored and fortunate to have learned from Sigung Wong,even the limited amount that I did.I hope for more instances,but that which I already have can and will last me a lifetime.There are many whom I wish to honor by not only practicing these arts,but mastering them.My loved ones above all else.But,also to the man that started this thread…and the man whom he calls “Sifu” and whom I call Sigung.

      I am proud to have been taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.And,according to my dearest ones and my experiences over the past few years…A LOT OF PEOPLE/ENTITIES ARE GLAD, HAPPY AND PROUD I DID,TOO.

      Thanks for your time.
      Happy New Year and Shaolin Greetings to All Masters,past, present and future.
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      Handsome Bear Andrew

      If you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Kung Fu, you must practice Chi Kung; if you want to soar to the heights and reach the depths of Chi Kung, you must practice meditation.
      -Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam

      You are doing well.Carry on.
      -Sigung Wong Kiew Kit


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        Gratitude to Sifu and Proud to be Sifu's students :

        Thank You , Best Wishes and God Bless .
        Damian Kissey
        Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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          Dear Family and Friends,

          I am proud and honoured that Sifu is my Sifu. Since December 2000, he has been my heart-Sifu. There has been and will be no other.

          Namo Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pusat.
          Namo Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pusat.
          Namo Da Bei Guan Shi Yin Pusat.

          Shaolin salute - love and respect,

          Emiko Hsuen

          Taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit
          4th generation successor of the Southern Shaolin Monastery
          Small and Big Universe Course: Nov 21 to 25
          Becoming a Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Practitioner: Nov 26 to Dec 2
          Cultivating Spirit Nourishing Energy: Dec 2 to Dec 8
          Intensive Chi Kung Course: Dec 9 to Dec 13
          To apply, send email to:


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            Thanks again...

            Having recently attended the intensive qigong course in Penang it never ceases to amaze me what an extraordinary opportunity we have to be students of this Master. Long may it continue.
            Kind regards,


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              Hi everyone,

              I am also proud to be a student of Sifu Wong.

              So proud, so happy, and so grateful.

              For his kindness, for his generosity, for working so hard, for caring so much for so many people, so many times. For his high moral values and for always walking his talk.

              I have heard words like this many times, but I don't mind saying them again here: I mean every word of praise I said.

              Sifu Wong is one of the best things ever happened to me. One of the very best.

              Thanks to Chun Nga Taisihing, and to all brothers and sisters for their words.

              Peace, love and harmony,
              Javier Silió


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                My highest respect, gratitude and loyalty to Sifu.