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The Way of the Master (Special & Limited Edition) is now open for pre-order!

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    Dear Chun Yian Taisipak,

    I'm grateful to Sigung, yourself, and anyone else who has helped make this possible. My bank transfer is underway! A nice example of spotting an opportunity and moving in swiftly :-)

    Can't wait to enjoy this wonderful story!

    Big smile,



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      Amazing news!

      Pre-order done and confirmation email sent.

      Thanks to all for making this a reality and thanks to Sifu
      for what will obviously be a truly incredible book!



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        Thank you :-)

        Thank you Sifu for being so generous. It will be inspiring to read your autobiography!
        Thank you Chun Yian Siheng for all the hard work that you have done.

        Can't wait to start reading it. :-)

        With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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          Dear Sifu, Dear Chun Yian Sihing,

          Thank you for this opportunity! Incredible that Sifu has written such a book with his busy time table.

          Can't wait and have ordered two; cannot get a better birthday present to give to someone else

          Best wishes,



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            Dear brothers and sisters,

            Thanks all for supporting the book!

            I would also like to thank Sifu for writing his autobiography and agrees to publish it, despite his very tight and busy itinerary and timetable. Starting to write in 1985, and finally complete in 2014. I know a lot of us are so looking forward for this autobiography, and now it is a dream comes true for us!

            Again, I would like to share the brief contents of the book.

            The Formative Years

            1. I’ll Teach You Free of Charge
            2. My Master, Uncle Righteousness
            3. The Journey Begins
            4. The Way Opens
            5. The Dance of Peace and Joy
            6. Flowery Fists and Embroidery Kicks
            7. Adventures at the Malayan Teachers’ College in Kuala Lumpur
            8. Marrying the Most Beautiful Girl in the World
            9. Dungun by the South China Sea
            10. Learning Wuzuquan from the Living Treasure of the People’s Republic of China
            11. A Story that Has Changed My Life, and Countless People’s Lives
            12. Learning the Shaolin Arts from the Third Generation Successor of the Southern Shaolin Temple
            13. The Treasure of Shaolin and the Great Majestic Set
            14. Muay Thai Fighting and Internal Force Training
            15. Four Gates, Hook-Spring Leg and Counters against Kicks
            16. Sau Foong, the Beautiful Phoenix
            17. How Shaolin Kungfu Was Transmitted from the Shaolin Temple to Our School
            18. Questions over Tea and Meals, and Defeating a Muay Thai Champion
            19. Tea Times, Meal Times, and Story Telling Times
            20. Kungfu Sets, Chi Kung and Free Sparring
            21. The Four Great Staffs of Kungfu
            22. The Great Sage Equal to Heaven and Immortal Li
            23. There Is a Piece of Jade in the House, Wherefore Search Outside?
            24. You Don’t Have to Believe These Incredible Feats
            25. Wei Foong Was an Active, Chubby Baby
            26. Taijiquan Can Be Fast, Forceful and Combat Efficient
            27. Tit-Ta or Treatment for Injuries Sustained from Felling and Being Hit
            28. Learning Wing Choon Kungfu from Sifu Choe Hoong Choy
            29. Learning a Variety of Kungfu Weapons

            Building the Foundation

            30. Chun Nga Could Break a Brick at the Age of Eleven
            31. Establishing Shaolin Wahnam Association in Sungai Petani
            32. What Was Training Like at Shaolin Wahnam Association
            33. The Lion, the Dragon and the Unicorn
            34. Starting to Teach Chi Kung to the Public
            35. Siew Foong’s Arrival Brought Love and Peace, and Financial Improvement
            36. A Bitter Betrayal
            37. Some Incredible Results of Chi Kung
            38. Distant Chi Transmission Is Unbelievable but True
            39. Chun Yian, a Child Who Composed His Own Songs and Language
            40. The Kuala Lumpur Experience
            41. Early Teaching and Adventures in Australia
            42. Secrets of Combat Efficiency
            43. Flying Crane, Art of Lightness and Dispersing Clouds
            44. My Loving Mother and My Loving Father
            45. My Childhood Memories
            46. Understanding Classics and Writing Best-selling Books
            47. From the Art of Chi Kung to the Way of the Master

            Spreading Health and Happiness

            48. Spain – My First Visit to the West
            49. The Portuguese Experience with the General and Gourmet
            50. Dim-Mark Is Not Lost; It Is Found in Our School
            51. A Lovely, Happily Married Couple in Toronto
            52. The Whole of Austria Is a Garden
            53. Sabah, Land Below the Wind
            54. World Qigong Congress and the Unity of the Sciences
            55. Belgium’s Chocolate and Holland’s Windmills
            56. The Italian Romance
            57. Enchanting South American Experiences
            58. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
            59. Glorious Progress after a Storm
            60. Beautiful Switzerland
            61. Internal Force, Mental Flow and Sifu’s Parking
            62. UK Summer Camp and Road Trip to Wales
            63. Brighton, Four Gates and Dragon-Strength
            64. Golden Bell and Transcendental Teaching
            65. Zen and Recovery from What Doctors Considered Impossible
            66. Returning to Australia
            67. Melbourne Wedding and Memorable Happenings
            68. Crystal Clear Water and Ayers Rock
            69. Land of the Midnight Sun
            70. The Magic of the Winter Camp
            71. The Spread of Shaolin Wahnam to the United States
            72. A Most Memorable Journey Across the United States
            73. Whether It Is Commonplace or Magical Depends Much on Your Mind
            74. Heart-to-Heart Transmission
            75. Beautiful Like Cherry Blossom in Japan
            76. India: A Land of Sounds and Colours
            77. Today Is Going to be the Best Day of Your Life!
            78. A Special State of No-Mind
            79. Celebrating Life with Joy in Russia
            80. The Magic of the Arabian World
            81. Experiencing One Thousand and One Nights
            82. Bringing the Chinese Treasures Back to the Chinese People
            83. Good Health Is Our Birth-right
            84. Miracles Do Happen
            85. The Four Dimensions of Kungfu, Chi Kung or Any Art
            86. The Spread and Depth of the Shaolin Wahnam Arts
            87. Enriching Our Lives and the Lives of Other People
            88. Becoming a Great Master

            With Shaolin Salute,
            Chun Yian


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              Wow, the content sounds truly amazing! I can't wait to read it !

              Shaolin greeting


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                This simply cannot be missed. Sounds incredible. Paying now and sending sipak an email today.

                Thank you Sipak for your help and teasers for the book.

                Thank you Sigung for creating this book.
                With love and Shaolin salute /o

                "Your purpose in life is to find your purpose & give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha

                Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā.


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                  Dear Siheng Chun Yian,

                  Thank you for all your hard work.

                  Thank you Sifu for all the time and effort you put in to make this book a reality.

                  So looking forward to reading it

                  Shaolin Salute,


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                    Dear brothers and sisters,

                    You may wonder what are the videos in the DVD? Here is the list of the videos:

                    01. 36-Pattern Tiger-Crane
                    02. Dragon Strength Circulating Set
                    03. Flag-Waving Big Staff
                    04. Continuous Double Daggers
                    05. Cross-Road Double Southern Knives
                    06. Flower Set
                    07. Triple Stretch
                    08. Throat-Seeking Spear
                    09. 108-Pattern Tiger-Crane
                    10. Snake-Cat-Crane

                    11. Six-Harmony Staff
                    12. Plum Flower Sabre
                    13. Essence of Shaolin Kungfu
                    14. 108-Pattern Chin Wah Staff
                    15. Dragon-Tiger Set
                    16. San Zhan
                    17. Cross-Road at Four Gates
                    18. Big Bell Lohan
                    19. Eighteen-Lohan Fist
                    20. Great Majestic Set

                    21. Shaolin Pakua Set
                    22. Seven Stars
                    23. Dragon Form
                    24. Wing Choon 72-Pattern Tiger-Crane
                    25. Ho Family Flowing Water Staff
                    26. Six-and-Half-Point Staff
                    27. Fifth Brother Octagonal Staff
                    28. Snake-Headed Lance
                    29. Battle Axe
                    30. 108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan

                    31. Siu Lin Tou
                    32. Cham Kiew
                    33. Phew Chee
                    34. Traveling Dragon 13-Technique Spear
                    35. Three-Sectional Soft Whip
                    36. Golden Legume Round Hammers
                    37. Double Knives
                    38. Monkey Set
                    39. Taming Tiger Double Rods
                    40. Taming Tiger Big Trident

                    41. Crescent Moon Spear
                    42. Green Dragon Crescent Moon Guan Dao
                    43. Lion Dance Kungfu Set
                    44. Taming Tiger
                    45. 24-Pattern Simplified Taijiquan
                    46. Flowing Water Floating Clouds
                    47. Eighteen Collection of Praying Mantis
                    48. Traveling Dragon Sword
                    49. 12 Sequences of Tantui
                    50. 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw

                    51. Lohan Asks the Way
                    52. Black Tiger Steals Heart
                    53. Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
                    54, Happy Bird Hops up Branch
                    55. Fell Tree with Roots
                    56. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
                    57. White Crane Flaps Wings
                    58. White Snake Shoots Venom
                    59. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
                    60. Black Bear Sinks Hips

                    61. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
                    62. Drunken Eight Immortals
                    63. Baguazhang Circle Walking
                    64. Baguazhang Traveling Dragon Palm
                    65. Xingyiquan 12-Animal Form
                    66. Xingyiquan 5-Element Fist
                    67. Iron Wire
                    68. Choy-Li-Fatt
                    69. Wudang Sword
                    70. Wudang Taijiquan

                    With respect,
                    Chun Yian


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                      Sifu Andy Cusick

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                        The DVD alone is far more valuable than the price of "just" the book
                        Sifu Andrew Barnett
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                          Dear Siheng,

                          Wow! That's amazing. Many dreams are coming true as there are some very special yet unrevealed sets included.

                          Is the DVD a collection of existing videos or have all the sets been record anew?

                          Best wishes,

                          Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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                            Pavel Macek Sifu

                            Practical Hung Kyun 實用洪拳



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                              Dear Chun Yian Siheng,

                              That is wonderful news! I have just completed the bank transfer for two copies (for my sister and me)
                              Very much looking forward to reading (and watching) it!

                              With love and respect,
                              Hubert Razack


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                                I've been eagerly awaiting this since before the Biography of Sigung thread was started several years ago.

                                I've just placed an order and can't wait to get it!

                                I've added the book to goodreads in case anyone is interested in posting a review there:
                                Sigung: This is a great exercise for women, because it makes them beautiful and radiant.
                                Student: And what does it do for men?
                                Sigung: It makes women beautiful!
                                Smile from the heart!