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  • Aloha

    I just signed up and hope to learn and develop through tai chi chuan. I live in the most spiritual place - Hawaii, and am 63 years of age. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as the journey begins. Mahalo, vegas

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    Dear Vegas,

    welcome to our Virtual Kwoon! Learning genuine Tai Chi Chuan is one of the best things you can do in this life.

    Our beloved Grandmaster, my Sitaigung, has given us many pieces of invaluable advice for our training.

    A good start would be this webpage :

    ​​​​​To establish a sound understanding of the scope and depth of Tai Chi Chuan, I recommend reading Sitaigung's "The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan".

    The next logical step would be to learn from a living master willing to teach you. You can find a list of our US based instructors at

    All the best from Germany for your journey,
    Our beloved Grandmaster has made it very simple for us:

    Don‘t worry,
    don‘t intellectualize,
    just enjoy your practice.

    May all beings be released from all suffering!


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      Thank you. I am currently studying the book you recommend. And, I am perusing the plethora of materials on this site. Sadly, I have found no one on my island that can teach me. And given my limited resources, I am unable to travel to obtain such a valuable experience. Perhaps there are worthy instructors that utilize the internet - such as Zoom.


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        In the meantime , the program linked here is very good
        Damian Kissey
        Shaolin Wahnam Sabah , Malaysia .


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          Mahalo, Jef


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            Aloha, from Borneo!

            Welcome to the forum.

            My advice is just to keep preparing, hoping that one day you get to train with a true master. Keep looking until you find what you are looking for.
            Charles David Chalmers
            Brunei Darussalam


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              Mahalo Charles,

              I am well versed in practice and discipline as I am a musician. Internal focus is key for me in that endeavor as well. Thanks to everyone providing advice and support. My goals are being developed as I continue reading the book and website, and listen to all the great comments.

              Aloha, vegas


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                Dear esteemed practitioners,

                In my research, I have come to discover the 5 forms of Tai Chi Chuan. As I begin my journey, should I be concerned with the selection of a certain form? I have begun my focus on basic hand and leg movements as recommended in The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan. I shall remain diligent with these techniques for the foreseeable future. Perhaps I will know more after such focus.

                Mahalo, vegas