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  • Namaskaram From Priya

    Hello all,

    I have been associated with Sifu for a great long time and am very thankful for it as it has given me much strength, support, wisdom and energy. Those of you who know me from before - I have been in many countries, learnt much and grown more. I put my teaching on hold for my family - but have taught my children all through. After Muscat and New Plymouth, I am not on 'Home' ground - Holland! Looking forward to giving classes and supporting our School big time! My daughter is a chi id, my son was healed and is a really amazing thanks to Sifu and his help. I have two amazing teens thanks to that!

    Will be posting regularly - my passion is Taichichuan and chi kung - which I teach my two teens - son is a chi kung person, and may daughter has a natural feel for taichichuan....time will tell

    Look forward to touching base regularly,


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    Welcome Priya, look forward to your posts

    I think I met you many years ago in Ireland

    Best wishes


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      Yes, Mark, I remember that - how are you doing? It was 2006 - Two young adults later, I am bac on European Ground and am keen t start giving chanting lessons and chi kung.

      Whats going on in your neck of the woods? (sorry, after a stint in NZ, my formality has waned....) Thanks for responding to my post - Sije Joan knows me well.


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        Namaskaram .

        Hi Priya , greetings from Sabah! It is wonderful to read your news.

        All the best every day and hope to meet you again soon.

        warm regards, Bernie

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          Good to hear from you Priya. Glad to hear things are going well. Are you planning to be in Malaysia in December?

          Lots of love,

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