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Hi, long time lurker pleasure to be member.

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  • Hi, long time lurker pleasure to be member.

    Hi, I have been a lurker for a long time. Little about me, I have been practicing boxing for years but have been discontent with the boxing culture and its overly aggressive nature of characters and the obsessive need to win which often times take away from cultivation of human being who are trying to reach their full potential in not just mind but also body as well. What I mean is, I was able to make tangible gains in my explosiveness but the simple act of incorporating horse stance training. One simple kung fu exercise in horse stance has done amazing job improving my boxing skills and physical attribute. Great static exercise for improving base line. As sportsmen, there is much we can learn from kung fu and other ancient martial arts.Regarding my username, its called KoenKen. I find it interesting because its a popular style in the world of fiction but funny enough it used to be a real life style that is almost extinct. Its based on tiger and swallow kung fu. I find it fascinating how popular it is in fiction and yet it used to be a real life style at one point in the past.