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Open apology to the Shaolin Wahnam Family

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  • Kevin_B
    Welcome back Tim! Look forward to training with you again someday soon!

    All the best,


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  • Damian Kissey
    Welcome back Tim !

    Smile from the Heart

    ...and best wishes with all your good new year resolutions

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    Guest started a topic Open apology to the Shaolin Wahnam Family

    Open apology to the Shaolin Wahnam Family

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    My name is Tim Hoorens, from Belgium.

    As some of you may know, I left the school a couple of years back.

    I have the great luck and opportunity to be kindly welcomed back by Sifu.

    I would like to apologize to all of you, for my behavior towards Sifu, and my behavior towards all of you.

    I was caught up in a negative spiral, with thoughts. It went from bad to worse.
    Even though deep inside, I knew nothing made sense of what I was thinking, yet I followed my 'own way'.

    Wich is not the way at all.

    I kept everything inside, I became egoistic about some of my skills.
    Unfortunally, other things happened around that same time, and made the confusion even greater, untill I could not see the trees through the woods anymore.

    Long story short, I deviated bad. There have been some serious consequences I believe in my life, that I will have to carry.

    I kept everything inside, and only cared about myself.

    Whenever I would train my kungfu (or my own style, as I made myself believe) since I left, I could never make peace with myself,
    as I learned everything from Sifu.

    I am very sorry I might have caused confusion, and maybe even have cast doubt into some of you,
    for wich I would like to apologize profoundly.

    I am sorry, that I could not see, nor care, about the consequences towards others who might have a difficult time during cleansing or training in general.

    The responsibility is fully mine, and I understand any bad feelings or doubt some of you might have towards me.

    I would like to thank Andrew Siheng, for kindly allowing me back on the forum, for giving me this chance, and I would also like to apologize Siheng, for biting the hand that offered to help me.

    I am sorry.

    I would also like to apologize again towards Sifu.

    Sifu, you have always been supportive towards me, and even when I fell, you have countless times tried to pick me up. I'm sorry for my mis-behavior, and my dis-trust.

    I hope to prove that I am still worthy of being a student in our school.

    I hope to catch up with alot of you in the future, and make some great friendships again. I lost a great friend on here, Brendan, and I hope you can forgive me my brother.
    You are one out of a million.

    Thanks for taking the time for reading this.

    My best regards,