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  • More greetings from Belgium

    Hello everyone here in the Shaolin Wahnam Kwoon,

    Again, I am very happy to meet you all and now I want to introduce myself (it took me some time to get posting started ). My name is Aloyse Katherin and I am a woman of 52 years old, living in the north of Belgium. Fourteen years ago, in 2004, my former dentist was so kind to teach me some Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and I am still very grateful for this. He himself had attended one or more courses by Grandmaster Wong. Because of my being in bad health and losing too many teeth, he taught me Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon. He also lent me the book "The Art of Chi Kung". He told me that the exercises would generate spontaneous movements. At first I didn't understand, but after 4 days of practise the movements just happened. In those years I followed Tai Chi Chuan lessons in my village which was helpful. I practiced for a few years, not very consistently and then somehow I dropped (to much stress; problems with focus).

    A year ago, in January 2017, I decided to start again, because of increasing healthproblems, including fibromyalgia and digestionproblems. Moreover Arthritis began and I didn't want conventional medication. (Practising Yoga and mindfulness meditation was helpful but not powerful enough.)

    So I picked up practising Lifting the Sky and Carrying the Moon, self-manifested Chi movements and meditation. To my surprise it felt much stronger than years ago and I got nicely warm hands during practise (before they often were icy cold).
    Then I bought and read Grandmaster Wong's new book "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality" and extended my training to the 10 exercises and Abdominal Breathing, following the 1/2 hour-programs (which turn out to last 40 minutes most of the time). I also watched videos of Grandmaster Wong demonstrating exercises. I enjoyed practice and there were small successes like better sleep; self-manifested movements evolved from mainly upperback/shoulderregion and vigorous armmovements to more gently in my whole body.

    Nevertheless new health-issues still came up like synovitis in my right hipjoint last July.
    I want to turn the downward spiral upward so now I take care not to skip daily practice even if I have to adapt it e.g. to sitting or lying positions like in last July because of the hip-problem. Focus improves, I feel more cheerful during practice and it feels like something is growing which helps to catch my fears and doubts and makes me more confident. It feels like a gift.

    A few weeks ago I thought I was inflammation-free but alas arthritis came up again in my fingers. Luckily it is not as bad as last year.

    For the time being I want to get my aims and objectives more clear and I will continue practice. Reading threads on the Forum has already inspired me. Happy to be here!

    With warm greetings,
    Aloyse Katherin

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    Hi Aloyse,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Who is the dentist that taught you chi kung?

    Best Wishes,
    Love, and do what you will.

    - St. Augustine


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      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your welcome.

      His name is Freddy Wijono. He might be a member of this Forum as well.

      Best wishes,