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  • Greetings - Long-time Coming

    Hello Shaolin Wahnam Family -

    After a few years of practicing, I'm finally getting around to the forum. I have personally really enjoyed learning and practicing Chi Kung and Kung Fu for just a few of years now. I began in late 2014 by studying Chi Kung under Sifu Sippe Douma in New Zealand. I attended two of his local Chi Kung courses where we focused on the 18 Jewels. I was very lucky to help organize a regional Grand Master Chi Kung class, where I first met and learned from Sigung. What an experience!

    I am currently working on the "Essence of Shaolin" Kung Fu sets and enjoying the Small Universe. It's been great to get to know a bit more of the Shaolin Wahnam family while in Penang for these few days. It's been an amazing opportunity and I am very grateful for your generosity and friendship.

    I'll be heading back to my new home in Singapore in a few days, so drop a note if you're in the area.


    Abram "Abe" Grae