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    Dear friends,
    I recently heard of a Taoist sect called the "Quan zhen pai". Can anyone tell me more about it?

    Thank you,


    I pay homage to all the great masters of the past and the present

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    Well, it depends on whether you are interested in legend or fact...

    Brief facts: The founder of the Quanzhen Jiao is Wang Chongyang (Wang Zhe - this word is so rare that you cannot find it in modern dictionaries or most software, so I can't write it out here). Depending on which records you refer to, Quanzhen Jiao was founded around the early Song dynasty, possibly around the time the dynasty was split into 2. According to one Qing dynasty source, Wang Chongyang led troops against the Jin invaders, and this anti-Jin movement was continued by his disciples, notably Qiu Chuji.

    Qiu Chuji was one of the famous 7 disciples of Quanzhen. He was a classical swordsman, killing the Jin soldiers who ventured into China to rape and plunder. His other famous co-disciples were Ma Yu and Sun Buer, and they left behind writings on Neigong cultivation, such as 授丹阳二十四诀, 不二元君法语, 大丹直指.
    These were Daoist neigong techniques and indeed the marital arts the Quanzhen Jiao practised were Daoist.

    The Quanzhen Jiao was featured prominently in a groundbreaking wuxia novel. Any guess which book it was?
    Persevere in correct practice


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      Thanks for the info.

      My guesses are:

      She Diao Yin Xiong Zhuan


      Shen Diao Xia Lu

      (my computer can't type Chinese!)

      Also: I found on the Internet something that claims that there really was a jiu ying zhen jing and that Quan Zhen Pai came up with it. What do you think?


      I pay homage to all the great masters of the past and the present


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        Originally posted by divineshadow
        ......(my computer can't type Chinese!)......


        I used to think that we need a chinese software to type chinese. This was no more true as the recent versions of Window allow once to read and type in chinese without installing another chinese software.

        Thank to YiXin for enlightening me on this and below is how he did it.

        [I'm gonna have to give instructions in English. Yeah. My Chinese isn't in its best shape. I can read both traditional and simplified, but can barely write by hand.
        I only know how to do this with Windows XP. I hope 2000 and ME are similar.

        Start->Control Panel->Regional and Language Settings

        goto the Languages tab, make sure "Install files for East Asian languages" is checked.
        then click on Details... You will be able to "Add..." a new input language.
        choose Chinese for "input language" which ever flavor you like.
        for "Keyboard layout/IME", choose Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) - US Keyboard to use pinyin as input method. If you choose something else like Chinese(Traditional) - New Phonetic, you're gonna have to learn whatever that input method understands.

        click OK

        After you've added your input method, you can setup a shortcut to switch between english and chinese input in "Key Settings..." You can also show or hide what your input language is by showing the "Language Bar..."

        now that I realize there's probably a help page for this thing somewhere on the web. well, I guess I just made another one.


        p.s. When you start typing Chinese in pinyin, you can usually just keep typing word after word without worrying as there's a smart word chooser that will get the words right when you complete your phrase or sentence. So even if they are the wrong characters while you're typing, they'll most likely get auto corrected when you're done.]


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          Wait.. Quanzhen and Wang ChongYang are real???