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Shaolin Wahnam Lineage ?

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    I don't think Sifu ever said learning taijiquan from youtube videos, as there was no youtube back then.

    Sifu took matters in his own hands after being put off by a taijiquan master saying his kungfu was 'too hard'. Then Sifu learnt from Yang Chen Fu his book if I'm not mistaken.

    It's common knowledge Sifu introduced taijiquan into the school after students asking for it. The same applies to the Xingyiquan and Baguazhang.

    Some sets in our school (or style if you want, for example Eagle Claw), Sifu learnt from exchanging sets with fellow masters, or other practitioners in the area.

    If I could be so free to add something, if we are nitpicking about lineage and styles;

    Baguazhang, has it roots in Northern Shaolin styles.

    Check this link to a book for more information. The person who wrote it has done extensive research on this topic:

    In the past, if one would ask, what style do you train, they would not differentiate at all.
    The proof can be found in interviews with old masters.

    When they asked Dong Haichuan what martial art he was practising, he had to think, and made up the name on the spot; baguazhang.

    Where taijiquan comes from, people laugh at it being Zhang San Feng, as they say, it's not possible, he was not real, and all that. Yet all creators of their respective off-shoots point at Zhang San Feng as main creator.

    If you look at the taijiquan from the Chen village, the influence from Shaolin is very clear.

    True or not, who knows. But if we start nitpicking in such matters, you'll never find the answer. Because they didn't differentiate at all in the past.
    Kungfu was kungfu, whether taiji, bagua, xingyi, lohan, the list is endless.

    Everything is an off-shoot of something, is it is well established in Chinese martial arts, that everything can be traced down to Shaolin.
    In this regard, we DO have the lineage of the respective styles you mention.

    All the old masters just developed in different ways, different goals, different make-up, etc.

    It's the same story with our Grandmaster.

    If I could be so free to add something again, (or maybe a different discussion entirely);

    I think a main difference in kungfu, and the way it developed across old China,
    is some masters included internal arts from buddhist origin in their respective styles, and some where more influenced by daoist forms of chikung.

    There are literally alot of different ways to cultivate internally, some use the small/ big universe, some use just the 3 dan tian, others will just focus on the all around body.

    Our school is pretty special in this regard, the root is Shaolin, yet we have different off-shoots.

    This is exactly how it has been done in the past.

    So I wouldn't fall over semantics concerning lineage. The Shaolin lineage is real, traceable, and we all know the rest.

    As Matt Siheng says, if you don not practise/ live it, you may never know.

    Best regards,
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      I asked Sigung about the other monks having escaped the burning of the Southern Shaolin Temple apart from the 5 elders and Jiang Nan. He said there were some, but he doesn't know anything about them.