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12 Exercises of Sinew Metamorphosis

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  • 12 Exercises of Sinew Metamorphosis

    Sinew Metamorphosis 易筋經 yì jīn jīng

    1) Flicking Fingers or Golden Dragon Taps on Ground 金龍擊地 jīn lóng jī de
    2) Flexing Fingers or Sacred Tree Grows Branches 聖樹長枝 shèng shù zhǎng zhī
    3) Grasping Thumb or Hiding Gold in Fist 拳裡藏金 quán lǐ cáng jīn
    4) Grasping Fist or Lohan Ties Belt 羅漢繫帶 luó hàn xì dài
    5) Stretch Up or Lohan Reaching for the Sky 羅漢觸天 luó hàn chù tiān
    6) Pulling Up or Lohan Emerges from Water 羅漢出水 luó hàn chū shuǐ
    7) Jerking Elbows or Immortal Plays with Bamboo 仙人戲竹 xiān rén xì zhú
    8) Rotating Elbows or Lohan Rubs Eyes 羅漢揉目 luó hàn róu mù
    9) Stretching Arms or Lohan Carries Mountain 羅漢擔山 luó hàn dān shān
    10) Holding Arms or Lohan Holding Bamboo 羅漢抱竹 luó hàn bào zhú
    11) Stretching Palms or Lohan Presents Blessings 羅漢獻瑞 luó hàn xiàn ruì
    12) Carry Sun and Moon or Lohan Carries Sun and Moon 雙提日月 shuāng tí rì yuè

    12 Sinew Metamorphosis.jpg
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    少林華南台灣 Shaolin Wahnam Taiwan


    "Then how could chi kung overcome diseases where the cause is unknown or when there is no cure? The question is actually incorrect. The expressions "the cause is unknown" and "there is no cure" are applicable only in the Western medical paradigm. The expressions no longer hold true in the chi kung paradigm. In the chi kung paradigm the cause is known, and there is a cure."

    -Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

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    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing dear Sidai.

    With Shaolin Salute,



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      Dear Siheng Mark,

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

      All the best,

      Shaolin Salute,