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Feeling vs not feeling

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  • Irina
    Dear teixeira87

    This is just my guess.

    It could be that you "felt" the energy for the first time because you did not expect it.
    Later, your expectations and your wish to feel it again prevented you from feeling it.

    As I said, this is just a possible explanation.

    All the best.

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  • Alex McLeod
    Feeling the energy is not really the point of acupuncture.

    Assuming you have chosen the best available doctor who has a thorough training in, and is highly skilled at, Chinese medicine, and not some chiropractor who just thought it may help their practice, you're going to need to look at the result, and not the feelings it causes.

    Acupuncture is for overcoming illness, not for learning to feel energies. If you're getting better, it's doing its job.

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  • teixeira87
    started a topic Feeling vs not feeling

    Feeling vs not feeling

    Hello everyone. 

    I guess that this has been debated here already, but I did not found any thread regarding it.

    First time I did acupuncture, maybe a decade ago, it was one of the most interesting experiences in my life: I felt a meridian in right leg opening up and really strong chi cleaning around a injured ankle and some toxins getting away from there o.O

    A couple of months later, I did another session. I felt…. Nothing.

    Recently, in the last month, I did acupuncture again. 4 times… and I felt nothing. Again. Perhaps, a feeling of chi wanting to flow and clean around the same ankle, but it was stuck.

    My question/discussion is… should you feel everytime you do acupuncture? From your experience, results tend to be inferior when you feel noting vs when you feel something?

    Thank you!