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can you clear a blockage without chi kung?

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  • can you clear a blockage without chi kung?

    Hi guys,

    For those of us without access to high-level chi kung and chi flow, or like myself who sometimes struggle to get benefit from their chi kung, i'd like to know the answer to this.

    Could you clear a blockage with just say, regular massage from a good masseur, plus good daily life habits?

    For example, myself I have a blockage in the neck. Could these good things, plus good posture and maybe sometime western daily stretching routines, help?

    Sifu has kindly helped me during a course with advice for a blockage, but I am asking more for the western side, for those who don't believe or feel comfortable with chi and TCM.


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    Dear Chris,

    It doesn’t matter if someone believes in blood flow or not, his/her blood will still be flowing. Same is valid for energy.

    Every pain and every illness is rooted in an energy blockage. While a Western doctor would prescribe medication to rectify chemical imbalances, a TCM physician would take care of the energy blockage. Once the blockage is cleared, the chemical balance would be re-established by itself.

    Everyone is constantly clearing energy blockages, not matter if he/she knows of or believes in chi kung and TCM or not.

    Everyone has recovered from an illness and/or injury after some time, because of our self-healing capabilities. Of course these capabilities are enhanced manifold by practicing chi kung.

    Medication, massage and other forms of therapy can help in overcoming health issues too, but chi kung is a great tool that puts the responsibility into your hands without being dependent on anyone else (while still accepting help, if necessary).

    On-top of that high-level chi kung is a wonderful and enjoyable kind of exercise, working on many levels, including issues you (and probably even your Western doctor) don’t know about. This is a special benefit that stretching routines cannot provide.

    Best wishes,

    Sifu Leonard Lackinger

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      Let it go, let it goo, can't hold it back any... Ok, sry.

      Some topic troubling you causes thoughts, emotions and physical reactions. You can decide how much attention and energy you spend on the issue. Sometimes things are less important we think they are. Just let go. Don't worry about Chi Kung or energy.

      Concerning western daily stretching routines:
      I did the same exercise for years without improving and wondered why. Suddenly within three days I improved remarkably. How comes? Because I discovered how to let go this particular way.


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        There is no need to believe in Chi Kung for its benefits, but you need to practice daily and sometimes it needs a bit of patience . I have students who do not believe in Chi, yet they have excellent results. As for the patience ... Chi Kung does not necessarily clear the blockage, which the patient considers the most important. There might be more urgent healing needed elsewhere. Also the problem is not necessarily where the pain manifests. Thus it can take a bit of time until a specific issue is resolved.

        In my experience the mind is also very important. If somebody has hope and can believe that healing is possible, chances are much better than if somebody doubts or even thinks there is no healing possible. Our mind has an important part in healing. This is btw not just true for Chi Kung but for any type of healing.

        If somebody does not have an opportunity to learn genuine Chi Kung or does not like to practice it, there are of course other ways... a good acupuncturist and other therapists may be able to help. It's a matter of choice and it depends what the problem is. Personally I love Chi Kung because it's simple, yet so efficient and it allows me to take care of my own health and wellbeeing.

        Best regards

        PS: As for yourself - you mentioned that you have taken part in a course with Sigung and that he has given you some advice regarding your neck problem. Then you have everything to get well It is normal to have some "ups and downs" when you practice. Just follow Sigung's advice and keep going. If you can't remember an exercise or something specific, ask! And remember the 3 Golden Rules: Don't worry! Don't intellectualize! Enjoy your practice!
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          Clearing Blockages : Chi Kung and Non CK methods

          Excerpt from John Davidson’s book “Subtle Energy “ on Healing :

          “ Matter is energy, and all our activities in this world can be seen as no more than re-arranging the energy patterns according to the dictates of our karma or destiny. We take pride in or identify with what we do; we may build it up in our minds to be something of importance or value to ourselves or to humanity. But in reality, we are just puppets in the great cosmic energy dance.

          Both 'good' and 'bad' activities are necessary for the continuance of life in this physical world. If we had only good' or 'bad' karmas, we would not be here, we would be in regions of 'all-good' or 'all-bad' vibration.

          The work of the various healing arts can be seen in the same light. Whether it is modern, conventional medicine and surgery or more esoteric forms of healing, with roots in subtle energy balancing, the applied therapy does no more than re-arrange the energy patterns of the body, mind and emotions in order to create harmony and health, ease rather than disease.

          The tendency to criticize or be mistrustful of areas of healing that one does not understand needs therefore to be sublimated. Often the unconventional, alternative therapist is as rigid in his stance as the conventional medical mind. There is no reason why the best of both worlds should not work together for the benefit of humanity.

          Healing, after all, is the declared intention of all practitioners. One's personal prejudices, fears and jealousies must at least be recognized and resisted. It is too easy and too human to simply criticize that which we do not understand.

          In Chinese hospitals, both modern medicine and ancient Chinese natural (herbal) medicine and acupuncture, work side by side. There is a time and place for both. There are people who would prefer one to the other. We cannot make up our minds on the basis of prejudice
          as to what is best for a patient .There is always room for improvement in our own style of healing , and a doctor must also know how to listen to his patient.

          Each person is a unique individual and needs individual, loving care to be brought back to, or maintained, in a condition of health and well-being. The human qualities and depth of understanding of the practitioner are also of paramount importance. Such depth of personality and even spirituality cannot be taught in the lecture hall, but have to be developed within the individual student. The system of medicine has to have a structure in which this love and care can be encouraged. There are many good conventional doctors who simply do not have the time or resources even to get to know their patients , while many alternative therapists will spend an hour or an hour and a half with a new patient , a luxury few medical doctors can afford .
          Generally speaking , the division between alternative and conventional medicine lie in the holistic or whole person approach of the alternative practitioner , with the emphasis upon the maintenance of health and well-being , rather than the symptomatic palliation of the negative outward conditions or disease . This world is essentially imperfect and therefore a pragmatic and practical approach to problems more usually results in a harmonious solution,rather than the intense application of philosophical ideologies beyond the bounds of everyday practicality. “
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            Great quote
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