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Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within

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    Amazing posts, Emiko --- just amazing!

    Thank you also to Stephen for catalysing this thread.
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      Dear Sifu Emiko,

      Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

      With much gratitude and respect



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        Ah, Emiko

        Beautiful posts!
        Jeffrey Segal


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          Dear Emiko,

          What if you were to let the chanting of mantras just be your method rather than the primary objective? Then, the mantras could lead you to a different primary objective like, for example, joy and bliss.
          That is what I actually meant to say. Thank you for clarifying and thank you again for posting your profound insights.

          Best wishes,


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            Dear Stephen,

            My earlier responses were from the heart and well intended, but not very well considered, I see now. Or perhaps I was responding from too narrow a perspective.

            As ever, Sifu Emiko has raised the discussion to a higher level, and her wonderful posts have certainly helped me gain clarity in seeing a wider context for the issues at heart here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Sije.

            Stephen, I actually agree with many of the points you’ve made. I recite the Great Compassion Mantra in Sanskrit daily, and it’s become a very important part of my chi kung practice. I like to recite ‘internally’, and let each syllable resonate in my heart and mind. I had lapsed a bit recently in the quality of my recitation, and this thread has helped me refocus, so thank you. I think we're 'singing from the same sheet', as my Siheng Marcus would say, just maybe using different notation

            I’m sorry if my words caused hurt or offense to you, or others reading.

            Wishing everyone joy in their practice,



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              Dear Fleur,

              Not a problem .

              It's great that you're chanting the Great Compassion Mantra. As Sifu Wong mentions in The Complete Book of Zen, chanting this mantra can invoke manifold blessings into your life.

              Kind regards,


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                DarkCosmoz!! May I please ask you a question ?

                Would you pls tell me the exact mantra you used for Lalita( Tripura-Sundari)?
                the mantra you referred to as the "base Lalita mantra"?

                I am very interested in the goddess Lalita..I am experimenting with some mantras right now...

                I would really apprecite your help!!

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                  Has anyone else who have read this thread decided to try out shakti mantras and would like to share their experience?

                  I chanted a lakshimi mantra today and I began to feel strange sensations. It's almost a happy/ticklish feeling at the base of my stomach/abdomen area, and as my chanting gets more intese, I notice this feeling spreads throughout my body. It's extremely pleasant, yet strange at the same time. I've felt chi before, and perhaps this is chi, but it feels different this time. It almost feels like my whole body is smiling and being playful.

                  Also, as I was chanting I suddenly realized a past event that was preventing me from obtaining what I had wanted in the past. For a second I intuitively knew that this event was largely what was preventing me from reaching my goal (a goal I have been striving towards for a long time now)

                  Very interesting stuff, to say the least...


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                    Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within

                    Hi Darkcosmoz

                    Would it be possible for you to post the kali mantra on this site?

                    Thanks so much.


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                      lalitha mantra


                      Could someone please post the lalitha mantra on this site.

                      Thanks so much!


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                        Lakshmi Mantra

                        During the festival of Diwali me along with my mother used to offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi by chanting mahalakshmi Stotram and later draw Rangoli designs in front of our homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi so as to seek her blessings. Mahalakshmi Stotram is so powerful that it has changed our entire lives.From then our family is blessed with happiness,wealth and fortune.


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                          To my Divine Mother I prayed only for pure love. I offered flowers at Her Lotus Feet and prayed, "Mother, here is Thy virtue, here is Thy vice. Take them both and grant me only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy knowledge, here is Thy ignorance. Take them both and grant my only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy purity, here is Thy impurity. Take them both, Mother, and grant me only pure love for Thee. Here is Thy dharma, here is Thy adharma. Take them both, Mother, and grant me only pure love for Thee.
                          -Sri Ramakrishna, from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna
                          Love, and do what you will.

                          - St. Augustine


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                            Goddess Durga

                            Maa Durga always blesses her devotees in need, Every Navarathri me and my family visits Maa Durga Temple and offer her prayers chanting durga mantra with devotion. This will help in getting Goddess Durga blessings and also peace to the mind.


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                              Festival of Lights

                              A very Happy Diwali to one and all. On this day we meet our loved ones wish them and thank them for being with us and making us happy. We also draw various kinds of rangoli designs to attract the visitors near our home and make them beautiful. It's a festival of lights. I thanks everyone of this community and wish them on this festival.


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                                Happy pongal

                                On this Festival I Wish all the members of the community a Very Happy Pongal. I wish you all have a very happy and good life. Here we draw beautiful sankranthi muggulu with chukkalu in front of our homes for this festival and celebrate.