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Chi Kung and academic excellence

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  • Chi Kung and academic excellence

    I used to be a slacker but now I’m not.

    I would aim for the minimum pass mark at University of D (40%) and often I would fail and have to redo the module.

    I would look at other students and think ‘How can you be bothered to go to the library?’ and ‘How can you be bothered to send e-mails to companies to get some information?’. Now I’m the one going to two libraries just to find some help for an answer that’s worth 5%. Now I understand why they do it, it’s because they have the desire to.

    Now I look at a question and I can see exactly how I can answer it.

    Before I may not have understood a question. Now not only do I understand it. I see the faults in it.

    Sifu says with Chi Kung we can reasonably expect academic excellence. I still have a way to go to be an A student and if I was to start the degree again I wouldn’t be surprised if I did become one.

    My role has changed in the class, I find my friends coming to me for help rather than the opposite.

    People at University will understand that you have a lot of time between semesters. The summer holiday is around 5 months. This large break has meant I can clearly see how my chi Kung in those months has improved myself.

    I would leave my work as late as possible and feel very rushed in the last few weeks. This semester was different. I started as early as I could and even came in extra days. I finished the modules early and had lots of spare time at the end. Only certain classes appealed to me previously, now every class is interesting. Even now I’m looking forward to the next semester in February. A friend said to me ‘Don’t you think this is semester is really hard?’ I didn’t know what to say.

    My desire to learn and educate myself has increased massively. I now read as much as I can, broadly and deeply. I try and learn as much as I can, filling all the gaps in my education. Even these words are written with my touch typing skills I learnt from a website.

    A while ago I thought, I’m not getting smarter, I’m just working harder because we have more work and everyone changes. But my friends are still the same. The B students still get Bs and the D students still get Ds.

    With ought Chi Kung this post would have been unorganised and brought my points across unclearly. I look at my posts on this forum a year ago and I can see the change I’ve made. Now I understand why the instructors and students can write so clearly.

    How long have I been practising Chi Kung?

    One year.

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    Congrats, Alex. I'm really happy for your success, and I hope it continues.

    Many people think I'm talented at languages since I can speak and read Chinese. I have to smile at these comments. They don't know that I almost failed out of French in Junior High School, struggled with Spanish in High School, and almost dropped out of German in college. I was never good at languages even though I was repeatedly forced to study them.

    So I smile when people say I have a talent for languages because I know the real reason I'm successful with Chinese -- because I practice qigong now.
    Sifu Anthony Korahais
    (Click here to learn more about me.)


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      Thank You Alex

      Its really great to hear about people's progress in Chi Kung and in their lives as a result. Congratulations on your successes and all the best with your studies.
      Charles David Chalmers
      Brunei Darussalam


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        Originally posted by Antonius
        So I smile when people say I have a talent for languages because I know the real reason I'm successful with Chinese -- because I practice qigong now.
        Heheh, does Qigong help you to hear tones?


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          ME Been negative

          just wondering how the chi gung helped your studies.
          It just seemed to me your personality or view on life changed.
          That happened to me when i went to college acemidic wise i was just motivated with a new environement. And when you do the work in college its really you who benefit.
          Could be more precise on how chi gung has helped you.


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            Hi Tomsie,

            You’re correct my personality and life view has changed. I’m much happier and sociable.

            I’ve been practicing Lifting the sky with self manifested chi flow in the morning and Dan tian breathing with standing meditation at night. The meditation has made my thoughts clearer and sharper. I empty my mind of all thoughts. At first this was hard and I could only manage a few seconds where my mind was empty. Now a year later I can keep my mind empty for most of the 15 mins I practice it for. For me this is a big change and I would be very surprised if my studies hadn’t improved.

            Thanks for the questions


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              Heheh, does Qigong help you to hear tones
              No, but it helps me to smile from the heart when my classmates butcher them.
              Sifu Anthony Korahais
              (Click here to learn more about me.)