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    Dear Jinkaku, Siheng Angel has given excellent advice.

    I would also like to say, if you have seen any improvements since you first started practice, then you are doing well. It is good to remind yourself how far you have come.

    Best Wishes

    Originally posted by Angel View Post
    Dear Alonso

    To be healthy and happy are very good aims to focus on.

    To avoid what harms you is a technique or a guideline, how well you avoid what harms you is the skill. Start with clear and easy things and situations, allow yourself time to improve, and gradually you will be able to avoid the harder ones.

    I´m happy to know about you too, it´s also great to know that you are having a wonderful year in terms of blessings and achievements.

    Best regards,



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      Hello everyone,

      It's been a long time.

      I come here to ask for help. I try to be calm as I write this, but it is with shame that I do so.

      I don't know what has happened to me.

      For a year, I have told everyone about how wonderful my life was since Guan Yin came to me (after doing Boddhisattva Guan Yin give me peace of mind with great results).
      Now I don't know if she ever was with me. I came back to reality? and either I am mentally ill as the diagnosis says or I was attacked, which curiously I have always believed. It would make sense symptom-wise, but mental illness seems a safe choice.

      I don't know where I have been this whole time.
      I really saw Guan Yin with me as told in previous messages and prayed to her. I never questionned.I don't think it occured to me. I don't know if I deviated or what, but I am sad about this.

      As you all know, I write here because I don't seem to get replies from my Sifu, whom I respect. I sent them mails during this year telling them of my practices with Guan Yin which were probably imaginary.

      I used to practice Lifting the Sky once a day as suggested here. After that, I tried other exercises "being told" that it was okay.

      I don't know what to think now. My psychiatrist knows about this but I have told him that I was okay too.

      Please someone help me. I will stick to Lifting the Sky. I would have asked Guan Yin for help, but now I don't even know.

      I should point out that I really saw things this whole year. Things that I don't believe my mind to be capable of. It was what I would call visualizations.

      I will wait for advice before any further move.


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        Hello everyone,

        I come here for the second time to ask for help and let you know of a few things.

        As I said, things were going much better when I was practicing Bodhisattva Guan Yin please give me peace of mind back in 2019. Then I stopped and "went my way" (fantasy?) thinking that I was with Guan Yin and she was helping me with lots of things.

        Today I don't know what has been of me, but I believe that I am being attacked. In my sleep, I am made to say things and see things that I do not recognize as coming from me. I also feel scolded, attacked, and when I try to pray, protect myself or even listen to prayers, it is as if I ap being blocked and I am told that God/Guan yin/Jesus do not hear me. Do not see me.

        What can I do? This started recently and might explain a couple of things.
        I have not started chi kung because I prefer to wait for advice. What do I do?

        I contacted my Church and was told by a lovely lady that Jesus always hears me. So that's a positive advice that changes things for me. Although because I cannot pray (feel attacked), I watched one of their masses and it did nothing for me.

        Does anyone here know what I can do? In daily life I do not feel as sick as years ago, as I can talk about things and live in the moment. But not with this. I don't know what was done to me. I also have chest pains, smell and taste foul things, etc. And it can be violent.

        Someone please help me, as in those states I have also seen members of my family and I am afraid that something could be done to them (although I remember once Sifu Roland telling me that this is not the case).

        All the best,


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          Dear Alonso,

          You have been given excellent advice in this thread. It is important to follow the instructions if you want to achieve the desired results. Our method is very simple and it might baffle many people because they are not used to "simple". Simple does not mean easy. Especially for people who are used to complicate things unnecessarily, following our method might be challenging.

          If you read again the thread you will see that the advise given to you is excellent.

          I would like to add that it is very important that you always have good thoughts, smile from the heart in order to keep your heart open and don't worry unnecessarily.

          With Shaolin Salute,



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            Dear Alonso,

            I wish you the best, and do not want you to feel ignored.

            With compassion, I have to be honest with you. You have a history of seeking advice, and then ignoring that advice and choosing to do what you prefer instead. You are doing it right now with your psychiatrist and the church.

            I do not have any new chi kung advice, suggestions, or lessons. You have already received those. I can only (once again) remind you that if you do not follow the instruction, you cannot expect the result.

            I wish for you abundant health and happiness.

            - Matt


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              Hi everyone,

              Sancrica thank you for your lovely reply here.
              As you said, I have received nothing but excellent answers here and I feel like the mood was very positive overall. It is indeed simple, but not easy.
              I have no problem sticking to one routine, but either I change during the course of my healing or I get desperate. I will stick to simple this time, especially since I have also lost faith in many things over the years.

              Dear Matt, thanks for your answer.
              I should point out that the psychiatrist is a necessity for me, even recommended to me in this school. I cannot come back from months of delusion without telling him of my state. That would be stupid, I think.

              The Church is because I have very good friends there.
              I slept very badly, releiving moments from past months, and feeling attacked without being able to do much. So I told them what was going on.

              If you see any wrong in this, asking people you trust (without doing much else), I would like to know what you consider a fault.

              I will not be looking for new chi kung, considering that all chi kung is powerful and can overcome illness. I will surely look for support and love, as my life has been really lonely over the past couple of years due to all of this, which could explain my need for contact.

              Anyway, thanks from the Heart.


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                Originally posted by Jinkaku View Post
                If you see any wrong in this, asking people you trust (without doing much else), I would like to know what you consider a fault.
                Dear Alonso,

                This is the same pattern, once again. You came looking for advice, I suggested that you have a pattern of ignoring advice and doing what you think is best, you tell me I'm wrong and challenge my observation.

                I am not saying this pattern is necessarily a fault. After all, you are an adult (I assume) and are free to do what you feel is best. But it is an obvious patten, which continues to lead to an outcome that you do not prefer.

                I wish you the best for the future.



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                  Dear Matt,

                  Thank you for your answer. I did not say that you were wrong, but rather questionned your observation. It was not personal as you seem to have taken it.

                  What was important for me to clarify was that I am taken care of by a psychiatrist and am a member of a Church. This is from the time I was with Andrew, or later with the psychiatrist.

                  I don't feel like justifying myself here (also a pattern I see), but I do know that if I can talk to him so that we can evaluate our sessions transparently and that I can talk with me friends so that at least I know that I have witnesses in case anything happens, then it would be foolish not to contact them and let them know that I "came back from something". Is telling my family foolish too?

                  I have told numerous times in here, maybe with difficultt to make myself clear that I do not deviate on purpose. If I tried something new due to whatever urges or needs I felt, I made it quite clear in this topic. At least according to my faculties.

                  Curiously I feel quite at peace with the chi kung advice given so far and will stick to that. I didn't have courses in mind since I doubt that I will find any close to my area or my wallet.

                  I stay with Sancrica and will come back to the advice guven any time that I need.
                  If I come back with something else, it means that for some reasons, I have episodes where my needs can be different, not only in terms of exercices practiced.

                  If that is not following the master, as implied, then I'm sure I'll find a place to be listened to.

                  In the meantime, thank you.


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                    P.S. Please have in mind, that when it comes to Shaolin Wahnam, I have no other place to ask.


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                      Originally posted by Jinkaku View Post
                      Dear Matt,

                      Thank you for your answer. I did not say that you were wrong, but rather questionned your observation. It was not personal as you seem to have taken it.
                      No worries. I did not take it personally. Rather, your response made me chuckle, because you immediately fell right into the same pattern I had mentioned.

                      If my observation helps you make positive change, that's great. If it doesn't, that's great, too. I wish you happiness, either way



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                        Good. You had your victory.

                        Thank you for confirming that this is the right place to be.


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                          Dear Alonso,

                          So you your mind messed you around again - welcome to the club of pretty much everyone!

                          Everything in existence from the galaxies to the atom is cyclical in nature - the mind is no exception. It goes high and it goes low and then again and again on a loop. With practice we can make the intervals larger and the amplitude smaller.

                          So if after walking on a nice sunny road you get lost in a daydream and come to in a muddy ditch no worries - just get out and carry on walking however many times it takes.

                          As you said, you know what you need to do already, so just do it as soon as you are able.

                          Best wishes,
                          George / Юра
                          Shaolin Wahnam England

                          gate gate pāragate pārasaṁgate bodhi svāhā


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                            Dear George, thank you for your lovely explanation!

                            Question: as I am awake experiencing this.
                            If I sleep, I go back to those episodes in my sleep. And they quickly turn into a nightmare, even when I am half awake. I believe that I am being attacked.
                            I know that psychic issues often make it difficult to know if indeed there is anything else, but I feel like there is something powerful behind this.

                            When it happens, for example, I cannot pray or it makes me choke. I have seen these people attacking me in my house. I have seen them with my family. Their presence is (physically) painful.

                            What can I do? Thank you.
                            This started a few days before I came back to myself. I have not done anything from the (left hand path?).


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                              Originally posted by Jinkaku View Post
                              What can I do?
                              You can work become stronger, to stabilise your mind and emotions. If you can do that nothing will touch you.

                              If you become overwhelmed try to become very still in every way and extremely aware. Strengthen your resolve to become stronger. Turn the bad situation into an impulse for growth.

                              Not easy I know but what choice do you have?

                              Best wishes,
                              Last edited by George; 3 April 2021, 09:23 AM.
                              George / Юра
                              Shaolin Wahnam England

                              gate gate pāragate pārasaṁgate bodhi svāhā