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Advice for a friend with spine problems

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  • Advice for a friend with spine problems


    My adventure with chi kung started some years ago when Sifu Wong gave me two exercises to help me with my lumbar hermiation - lifting the sky and bear walk. Althoguh I attended the course in Ireland, the exercises given me online helped greatly just after one month.
    I wish to ask some instructor if it will be beneficial to give this exercise instruction to my friend. She cannod afford travel for the course right now. She had lumbar disc hernia and had a surgery to remove part of the disk. If anyone answers - thank you!

    All best.

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    Dear Marek,

    it is great that you have had help to your health problems from chi kung!

    But even though you have benefited from these chi kung exercises, your friend will not get the same benefits if she herself does not attend a chi kung course.

    It would be the best choice for your friend to go to a Chi Kung course herself. Her health is surely that important. Our Grandmaster travels to Europe many times a year,
    If she cannot do that, it is good if she contacts an Shaolin Wahnam instructor near her herself. That way she can get the best advice for her situation.

    For getting benefits from chi kung practice and overcoming her problems, it is important she makes the effort herself.

    All the best,

    Nessa Kahila
    Shaolin Nordic Finland


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      Thank you.