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    Hello I am Luca. I have learned Chi Kung with Master Wong Kiew Kit many years ago (about 20).
    For many reasons I left this pracitise 10 years ago, but now since december 016 I started again.
    At the beginning with some difficulties , now with less .

    Some days ago I have seen one famous psychologist giving an interview .
    The interviewer asked him his Daily Routine and he was gentle to give his advices (read newspapers of opposit points of view, reading for 1 hour and half a book not only of psychology or psychiatry but also of literature, exercise in eastern arts for 30'- write some pages of his book exclusively handwriting, not with computer etc etc).

    So I have asked to myself: 'why not to ask to a Chi Kung Master what is his daily routine?' . Even if one should find his own routine, I think it could give to me (and to the readers) a lot of inspirations.
    So thank You all if you want to share your daily routine . I am very interested in that!
    P.S. My mother language is not English :-)

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    Hey Luca!

    I make it a point to practice Lifting the Sky daily. I've learned many Chi Kung patterns and skills in our school. This one is still my favorite. My second favorite is Dancing Crane.

    My routine is exactly like everyone is taught.

    Enter Silence
    Some repetitions of a pattern
    Flowing breeze swaying willow
    Standing meditation
    Point massage

    Sometimes I'll practice an advanced skill. Such as cosmic shower, bone marrow cleansing, or expansion into the cosmos, or an advanced technique like abdominal breathing, or sinew metamorphosis, etc.
    Shaolin Wahnam USA

    "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".


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      My routine is probably not helpful to most people.

      In the morning, I stretch, get up, make some Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast, and share a cup with the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, ancestors and other spirits that surround me. This usually takes an hour or so, because I go back for seconds a couple times. If I don't have time for anything else, this is where I end or include a small bite to eat for breakfast.

      Next, I practice either Golden Bridge, or I commune with the spirits and Cosmos. If I only do one of these, it's usually communing, but sometimes Golden Bridge.

      If that communication leads me to some one-time practice of the day, I do that during or immediately after.

      At night, my bedtime routine is very rigid. Just before bed, I practice Golden Bridge, because it helps me wake up aware in the morning. Usually at this point, I practice leg stretching, and possibly some back stretches from yoga.


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        Welcome back to the practice, Lucas! I know you're going to accumulate some great benefits soon.

        I practice just as David mentions. The specific patterns I tend to practice the most are Pushing Mountains, Forceful Big Windmill, and Art of Flexible Legs. The rest of my time tends to be spent on practicing kung fu.

        I suppose a typical "just qigong" session, like this morning's session, looks like the following:

        Entering a qigong state of mind.
        Smiling from the heart.
        Enjoying a gentle energy flow.
        Doing 30 repetitions of Pushing Mountains.
        Enjoying an energy flow.
        Enjoying standing meditation.
        Sending blessings out.
        Closing sequence, including facial massage, points massage, and walking about briskly thereafter.

        On days when I emphasize more internal force development, I'll add the rest of Cosmos Palm training to the Pushing Mountains above, or replace Pushing Mountains with some other force training method. If I do a kung fu set, Art of Flexible Legs, and/or combat application, I'll do so after my force training. I've lately begun adding another qigong pattern to my "full" training sessions, like doing Lifting the Sky or some other pattern before going into my final energy flow for the session. I've lately been made aware of how much consolidation I've done in the past as opposed to flowing, and am working to correct that.
        I like making silly videos (including kung fu ones!) every so often on YouTube and taking pictures of weird things on Instagram.