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5 levels of Bone Marrow Cleansing - List of special benefits

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  • 5 levels of Bone Marrow Cleansing - List of special benefits

    Bone Marrow Cleansing (Xi Sui Jing) is the third Chi Kung treasure taught by the Great Bodhidharma in the Shaolin temple.

    Unlike to the 18 Lohan Hands and the 12 exercises of Sinew Metamorphosis there are no pictures and records on how Bone Marrow Cleansing was practiced in the Shaolin temple. In contrast to the two sets of exercises we interpret Bone Marrow Cleansing as a master’s skill without physical outward form.

    Chi Kung classics described that chi flows on 5 levels, namely the levels of skin, flesh, meridians, internal organs and bone marrow. Practitioners of genuine Chi Kung would initially feel chi flowing on the skin level and later step by step on the deeper levels, taking years of practice for each step.

    By Sifu’s transmission, his courses are – as usual – a shortcut to acquiring the 5 skills summed up in our version of Bone Marrow Cleansing. So students can experience and practice the art by their very first day of practice. This is ridiculous, but true! Everyone who gets a chance to attend this course should seize it.

    The most suitable exercises for each level are stated in the list of special benefits of the 18 Lohan Hands:

    Bone Marrow Cleansing reaches the deepest energy levels and is able to cleanse even karmic blockages. Besides it provides deep peace, courage and mental clarity. Hence it supplies monks with all requirements for the path to Enlightenment.

    Of course there are many other benefits for lay people on a more mundane scale.

    I listed the particular benefits for each of the levels of energy flow below. My sources were my notes from 3 courses with Sifu and the wonderful thread with “10 questions to grandmaster Wong”:
    Sifu’s anwers of course provide a more in-depth study of Bone Marrow Cleansing than my short summary and are very much worth reading.

    The 5 levels of Bone Marrow Cleansing:

    Chi flow on the …

    1) skin level
    - protects the skin and the body against external agents and therefore enhances immunity.
    - cleanses the skin from external agents that are already present.
    - heals the skin from injury and illness.
    - increases sensitivity in contact as well without contact and therefore enhances perception and awareness.
    - gives a radiant appearance with rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. Besides being healthy the practitioner also looks healthy.
    - has a warming effect.

    2) flesh level
    - gives stability to the structure of the body and therefore helps preventing injuries.
    - gives protection to the surrounded internal organs. (develops Golden Bell)
    - develops a lot of internal force.
    - strengthens muscles and motoric functions and improves agility.
    - enhances intellectual abilities.
    - gives confidence and courage.
    - gives a massage to the muscles.
    - heals muscles, tendons and joints.
    - clears internal injuries.
    - spreads warmth in the body.

    3) meridian level
    - helps overcoming illness.
    - especially increases vitality and longevity.
    - especially increases Yin Yang balance.
    - enhances flowing internal force for martial artists.
    - spreads energy over the whole body and therefore nourishes physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually.
    - increases the awareness of blockages in the meridians.
    - has a cool and refreshing effect.

    4) internal organ level
    - cleanses emotional blockages and psychological traumas.
    - cleanses the rust and dust in the internal organs, even before it manifests into illness.
    - cleanses karmic blockages, especially those stored in the organs.
    - has a cool and refreshing effect.
    - increases vitality and internal force as the internal organs gain back their optimal working capacity.

    5) bone marrow level
    - cleanses the nerves and the brain.
    - enhances the internal communication and is therefore helpful to clear allergies and in improving organ functions.
    - develops a lot of internal force and enhances vitality.
    - provides deep peace and mental clarity.
    - cleanses karmic blockages as it goes deep into the (sub-)consciousness.
    - makes the practitioner physically and morally upright and therefore gives courage and moral integrity.
    - makes the bones stronger.
    - makes the practitioner feel warm in winter and fresh in summer.

    I hope the knowledge of these benefits and the philosophy behind the levels of chi flow will enhance the results of your practice. This list was reviewed by Sifu and may also serve as a record for course participants and for posterity.

    Very special thanks to the Great Bodhidharma
    Very special thanks to all the past masters
    Very special thanks to Sifu

    Best wishes,

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    Sifu Leonard Lackinger

    Shaolin Treasure House

    Shaolin Wahnam Wien & Shaolin Treasure House

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    Wow! Special thanks to you Sifu, for making another wonderful list of special beneftis!
    And of course infinite thanks to Sigung for sharing this incredible art with us!!

    With a Smile from the Heart,


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      Great! thanks once more!
      Sifu Andy Cusick

      Shaolin Wahnam Thailand
      Shaolin Qigong


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      "a trained mind brings health and happiness"
      - ancient wisdom


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        Awesome, thank you Sifu Leo!


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          Thanks :-)

          Dear Sidai,

          Thanks a lot for all the great work that you are doing. I am sure that this list altogether with the other ones will greatly contribute to my practice. :-)

          Thank to Sifu too for taking the time on reviewing them. What an amazing journey we are all in! :-)

          With Love, Care and Shaolin Salute,



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            Fantastic. I love flesh level. Letting the chi soak up into the flesh is so awesome.
            Shaolin Wahnam USA

            "Every morning you are born again. What you do today is the most important thing".


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              Thank you very much indeed for that to Austria!


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                Thank you Leo for this detailed listing. Now, nobody has to search for his notes anymore which saves time to do other more meaningful things!


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                  Thank you Leo for this detailed listing. Now, nobody has to search for his notes anymore which saves time to do other more meaningful things!

                  >> I agree with Ronny, very good Leo! I made cut&paste in a word File and added in brackets near the level:
                  1) Lifting the sky, 2) Separating water 3) Pushing mountains 4) Carrying the moon 5) Turning head

                  Sifu Mariangela


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                    great list - thank you!


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                      Thanks for sharing this Leo


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                        Really nice work, Leo. Sifu has just been in Melbourne teaching Bone Marrow Cleansing a fortnight ago and I have just sent a link to this thread to all of the students who attended that course.

                        I'm also happy to share some notes of the techniques used in Bone Marrow Cleansing at past courses in Oslo, UK Summer Camp in 2012 as well as in Ireland and Melbourne in 2013. These notes are only very rough guidelines likely to be useful for anyone who has formally learned Bone Marrow Cleansing, so for everyone else, consider it as an indication of something to look forward to, but please don't try this at home.

                        1. Skin
                        Suggested Pattern: Lifting the Sky
                        Gentle Intention: Starting from the Bai Hui, qi washes down the body on the skin.

                        2. Flesh/Muscles
                        Suggested Pattern: Lifting the Sky or Separating Water
                        Gentle Intention: Allow the qi to soak into the flesh from the arms and spread throughout the body's flesh.

                        3. Meridians
                        Suggested Pattern: Carrying the Moon or Pushing Mountains
                        Gentle Intention: Send qi down the arm Yin meridians then up the arm Yang meridians to the head, then down the Yang leg meridians and up the Yin leg meridians to the metaphorical heart and repeat with relaxed breathing. Similar to Big Universe exercise.

                        4. Organs
                        Suggested Pattern: Pushing Mountains or Carrying the Moon
                        Gentle Intention: Send qi to stomach, lungs, liver and kidneys (but never to heart or brains) then to the rest of the body.

                        5. Bone Marrow
                        Suggested Pattern: Pushing Mountains or Turning Head
                        Gentle Intention: Send qi to head to massage scalp, then down along the spine to base and back up to head. Then next along the spinal cord inside the spine to the base and back to the head, then extending throughout the rest of the body's nervous system. Finally send qi to all bones and to the bone marrow.


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                          Dear Michael,

                          I'm glad the list is helpful.

                          I am sure that you had a wonderful course in Australia again.

                          Thank you for sharing the techniques!

                          Best wishes,

                          Sifu Leonard Lackinger

                          Shaolin Treasure House

                          Shaolin Wahnam Wien & Shaolin Treasure House


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                            Thanks Michael


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                              Dear Michael,

                              Thanks (again!) for your notes on Sifu's marvellous Bone Marrow Cleansing!

                              Best wishes,