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    The latest testimonial from my Clients :

    I wasn't feeling well and contacted Sifu Andrew.

    My whole body felt angled; With every movement I felt unpleasant pain, mainly in the pelvic area. The pain was constant.

    Sifu Andrew checked a misalignment of the pelvis and then "corrected" my legs. Whilst I lay on the floor, he took my feet and "shook all of the joints to relax them". As I stood before him, he noted that the misalignment was already reduced. But the correction of the entire posture needed to be continued throughout the back and up to the neck.

    I had had some painful experiences with other methods during treatment.
    Sifu Andrew's gentle touch is therefore even more unbelievable.

    He places his hands at certain positions on the body. One stands with their back turned to Sifu Andrew and cannot see what he does.
    One feels the effect, though and knows that he is doing A LOT!
    Through puncual "activating with the finger", the points become hot. I wanted to collapse my knees and had a good feeling and trust because Sifu Andrew was behind me to catch me if needed.

    This touching was repeated at various points on the back. At each point, Sifu Andrew paused for a moment -- hardly noticeable. My body's reaction was the same at every point. it felt Indescribably light and well as if I drfited into a warm bath. I didn't want this feeling to end.

    I noted "by the way" that I have pains like needles in my left shoulder when the weather was damp (as it was at the time). The rheumatic pain often extended to the finger tips. Sifu Andrew felt that there was no warmth there nor in my left shoulder - caused by a blockage.

    He pointed to my shoulder with his finger from a distance of about a metre and I felt how he "charged and filled the shoulder with warmth". He repeated this twice and the pain was gone, replaced by the warmth! During the coming days I noticed that the freedom of movement in this arm had increased a lot. And more importantly, the motion was completely painless.

    The feelings of lightness in conjunction with the treatment are wonderful of course. More important are the results, though. Immediately after the short and painless treatment I felt like new.

    I can only express my great thanks - and my wonder for the Healer.
    Sifu Andrew Barnett
    Shaolin Wahnam Switzerland -

    Flowing Health GmbH (Facebook:
    Healing Sessions with Sifu Andrew Barnett - in Switzerland and internationally
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