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Chi Kung Healing for scar tissue due to operations?

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  • Chi Kung Healing for scar tissue due to operations?

    Dear Shaolin Wahnam Family,

    I have some questions about the possibilities of Chi Kung for healing:

    Due to several operations I miss the upgoing part of the colon. These operations (and a peritonitis) has caused quite a lot of scar tissue and adhesions which cause me pain and movement restrictions, not only in my belly but also in the right hip and leg; and it causes fatigue. I wonder if Chi Kung healing and/or practice could contribute to restoring this tough scar tissue (9 years old) into healthy tissue? Would that be possible after such a long time?

    Moreover I can imagine meridians to be affected by operations and by scar tissue. Is this a correct assumption, and if so, can the meridians be restored by Chi Kung Healing and Chi Kung practice? Even if one misses a body part (like a part of the colon or simply several teeth?)

    I would appreciate your answer very much. I will be glad with anything that gives me insight and can help for recovery.


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    Restoring harmonious chi (or vital energy) flow is the forte of Chi Kung. Scar tissue can cause some quite severe local disturbances. However, they can indeed be cleared by Chi Kung Healing / Chi Kung practice -- regardless how old the scars may be!

    As far as meridians are concerned - they flow where they need to flow. Just like a river; if you block its path, it will find a way to continue to flow around the barrier.
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      Thank you very much for your answer, Andrew. It sounds hopeful, especially the age of the scar tissue not being important for restoring energy flow and function.

      I notice improvement and I certainly believe that Chi Kung practice has contributed to this. But as it is a "tough" problem I am looking for further ways for improvement like healing.

      Warm greetings,


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        I must say that chi kung has helped a lot in incorporating slow & steady movements. My ultimate goal was reducing stress along with building stamina and increasing vitality. I am suffering from Multiple sclerosis the most common disabling neurological disease which made me hate my life. But practising chi kung helped me to release trauma around the spine and the nervous system. You can know about my medical condition i.e. by reading this article as it focuses all the necessary elements. Thanks.


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          I have read the article from your link on Multiple Sclerosis and scar tissue, Samsteven. So, if I understand clearly, your being able to move more fluently means that there must have been a shift from scar tissue around the nerve fibers to healthy myelin sheath. And that Chi Kung helped you achieving this. That's absolutely great. Thanks for sharing your experience.